CFG Football

What is CFG Football..??

CFG Football

CFG football is a money-making application whose existence is currently being discussed by many people because it claims to be able to make money to its users.

What's interesting about this application is that this apk is already available on the play store. Even so, unfortunately you can't use this application for free. So, before you can play this application, you have to deposit money first.

The lowest nominal deposit in this money-making cfg football apk is 100K. When you have made a deposit, then you can do the tasks in this application.

The task you have to complete is quite unique, because you will be asked to guess the wrong football score. Unique right? If you usually guess the correct score, then in this apk you have to do the opposite.

How to Register for CFG Football?

Before you can use this money-making cfg football apk application, then you must first download the application on the playstore or you can visit the website here.

When you have successfully installed the application, you can register by following these steps:

1. Visit the CFG Football registration page here

2. Create your account username.

3. Next, please create a password.

4. Repeat the password you created earlier.

5. Enter the referral code 729874 to get the first top up bonus

6. If so, enter the phone number you use.

7. Then you can write the unique code that is on the side of the display.

8. If so, please check the terms and conditions section.

9. End by pressing the “register” button.

Finished. Then you can login using the account that you created earlier.

How Does CFG Football App Make Money?

As we explained earlier, the task you have to do in this money-making cfg football apk application is to guess the wrong score.

So, it can be said that this money-making cfg football apk application has a similar working scheme to betting. It's just that the bets in this application are different from bets in general. Because the betting scheme in this apk refers to guessing the wrong score.

It's quite unique, but unfortunately this application does not provide free features. So for those of you who want to use this application, then you must make a deposit first. The minimum deposit limit is 100K IDR

The amount of commission you can get from this application really depends on the score you guessed. The closer to the normal score, the more commission you will get. This also applies the other way around. When you guess the score with an unreasonable percentage, then the commission you receive is getting smaller.

In addition, you can also get additional commissions by utilizing the invite link link. Which means when you successfully invite friends to join the cfg football apk application, you will also get an additional commission.

After completing the registration process, please contact me via the contact form on this blog or via telegram to get a guide on how to top up and claim prizes for your first top up.

Also you will be invited to the telegram group to get further info about CFG Football and how to place bets with guaranteed refunds in the event of a betting error.

This is the guide on how to create a CFG Football account.

What are you waiting for, come join us and make your dreams come true with CFG Football.