The Best Farming Spots To Get Easy Zeny - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Farming Spots

Here are a few common spots to farm for materials needed in crafting items. I recommend using Heaven’s Drive, Magic Crasher and Play Dead in your Auto Skill slots. 

The Best Farming Spots To Get Easy Zeny - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Remember, the key is to kill as many mobs as fast as possible. This usually means going for mobs that are a few levels lower than you so you can insta kill them in 1-3 skill casts. Just take note of the level gap penalty: if a monster is more than 10 levels lower or higher than you, drop rates will be reduced slightly.

Prontera West / Sewers

  • Rocker & Willow — Jellopy 
  • Chon-Chon — Iron 
  • Yoyo — Feathers 
  • Spore, Thief Bug — Jellopy 
  • Thief Bug Male — Iron 
  • Familiar & Thief Bug Female — Rotten Bandage

Labyrinth Forest

  • Wolf — Iron 
  • Goblin Forest (40+) 
  • Steam Goblin — Coal

Mjolnir (40+)

  • Menblatt, Hornet

North Prontera (50-70+)

  • Dustiness, Metaller, Mantis (very low HP, great for farming and leveling up)

Payon Cave (60-80+)

  • Eggyra — Napalm Vulcan

For Lv. 70-80+

  • Sting — Meteor Storm 
  • Anolian — Lord of Vermillion 
  • Orc Village — Fire Bolt

Glast Heim

  • Kobolds



  • Wizard Hat / Mage Hat / Magic Eyes 
  • Elven Ears 
  • Angry Snarl


  • More MAtk, less SP regen: Piercing Staff –> Wizardry Staff (Eye of Dullahan combo) 
  • More SP regen, less MAtk: Healing Staff –> Croce Staff

Off Hand

  • Floral Bracelet (for Magic Crasher only) 
  • Statue of Judgement (for SP regen) 
  • Magic Bible 
  • Orlean’s Server (Orlean’s Glove combo)


  • Mage Coat –> Robe of Cast


  • Staunch Robe (combo with Staunch Boots)


Staunch Boots (combo with Staunch Robe)


  • INT Earring 
  • Orlean’s Necklace 
  • Orlean’s Gloves (combo with Orlean’s Server) 
  • Eye of Dullahan (combo with Wizard Staff)

How to maximize Magic Damage (MAtk)

  • Cooked foods
  • INT Dish
  • Blessing (Priest buffs)
  • Guild Blessing
  • Aesir Monument Runes
  • Item Enhancements/Refine/Enchants

How to reduce Cast Time (CT)

  • DEX stat (late game)
  • DEX Dish
  • Blessing and Suffragium (Priest buffs)
  • Orlean’s Gloves + Orlean’s Server = -20% CT Variable
  • Orlean’s Gown + Orlean’s Necklace = -15% CT Fixed
  • Robe of Cast = -10% CT Variable
  • Staunch Boots + Staunch Robe = -10% CT Variable
  • Angry Snarl = -10% CT Variable
  • Magic Eyes = -10% CT Variable
  • Isis Pet = -5% CT Variable


Wizards are one of the best classes for farming. Invest on decent equipment for your farmer Wizard and before you know it, you’ll see the returns on your investment rolling back!

What’s your favorite farming spot? What equipment and cards do you prefer? Comment them down below!