The Best Farming Build for Wizard - Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love

This guide will teach you the proper stats, skills and equips for a farming Wizard build in Ragnarok Mobile, as well as where to level up and farm. Using this guide you’ll be able to create an insane farming character in no time, allowing you to earn hundreds of thousands of zeny per day!

The Best Farming Build for Wizard - Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love

One of the best classes to pick first when starting out on Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the Wizard. Their high magic damage and area of effect skills make them the perfect class for farming materials early in the game.

Stats build

Stats for wizard is very simple:

  • Pump INT all the way up to 99 
  • Then start pumping DEX

During early levels, you don’t need DEX for faster casting. The trick is to use fast cast skills like Soul Strike and Magic Crasher.

Also, put only 1 skill point on skills like Heaven’s Drive and Storm Gust. These skills increase in cast time the more levels they have, so having them at level 1 will let you almost insta-cast them.

Once you max your INT, only then should you put points on DEX.

Skill build


  • Soul Strike 5 
  • Increase SP Recovery 10 
  • Fire Bolt 5 
  • Ring of Fire (Fire Wall) 10 
  • Max Soul Strike 
  • 2-3 points each on Cold Bolt and Lightning Bolt

As a Mage, your essential skills will be Soul Strike and Fire Wall. Soul Strike is the best all-around offensive skill thanks to its almost instant cast time. Ring of Fire (Fire Wall) is used as a defensive skill to protect you from mobs that hit like a truck. The other Bolts are useful for your combat test when you job change to a Wizard, since you will be fighting mobs with different elements.


  • Heaven’s Drive 1 
  • Magic Crasher 5 
  • Soul Drain 10 
  • Energy Coat 5 
  • Storm Gust 1

As a Wizard, your main farming skills will be Heaven’s Drive and Magic Crasher. Heaven’s Drive is great against Wind type enemies (Hornets, Menblatts, Dustiness), while Magic Crasher is now your all-around single target skill since it deals neutral element damage. Both skills are fast and instant cast respectively with little cooldown which makes them the best skills for grinding.

Maxing Soul Drain is great for SP sustainability when used in tandem with Magic Crasher. Energy Coat will give you more defense and magic damage to maximize your Wizard’s farming potential. Storm Gust is mostly used as a utility AoE spell to freeze mobs and is great as a support skill when in a party.

After that it’s up to you what to skills to get. Probably Jupitel Thunder and maxing out Lord of Vermillion.

High Wizard

  • Magic Power 10 
  • Napalm Vulcan 6–10 (depending on your equips) 
  • Fire Bolt 10 
  • Cold Bolt 10 
  • Increase SP Recovery 10 
  • Fire Wall 10

You’ll get maximum farming power when you become a High Wizard. Using Magic Power and Napalm Vulcan, you can one-shot Eggyras and farm zeny like crazy.

At this point you may also want to reset your skills and max out these Mage skills: Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, SP Recovery and Fire Wall. You won’t need Soul Strike anymore at this stage.

Finally, get your Aesir Monument and work on your Rune path towards getting Meteor Storm. This will allow you to farm on Stings, which are weak to Fire element. Meteor Storm also doesn’t have fixed cast time, which allows you to fast-cast or instacast it by reducing your Cast Delay.