Best Place to Leveling Up (1 to 100) for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Many of you who are currently just starting to play the game Ragnarok Online Mobile Eternal Love or who have played it are confused about finding the right hunting location. 

Best Place to Raise Level 1 to 100

Because hunting in the right place and monsters will make the leveling time more effective. During leveling, it is highly recommended to always use Lightning Chain items and also Food to increase EXP gain and increase character's Stats. And here is a Guide to Hunting Location Level 1 - 100 so that your hunting is more effective.

Level 1 - 10

When you are still starting to play, you can do the Main Quest at Prontera South Gate until you can change jobs.

Level 10 - 20

After successfully changing the first job, you can continue with the quest or leveling by fighting the Rocker monster (level 19) at Prontera West Gate, Willow (Level 21) at Prontera West Gate and Wormtail (Level 17) in North Prontera. And when you reach level 15, take the quests on the Quests Board and complete them all.

Level 20 - 30

Monster Wormtail is still a favorite for leveling because the amount of EXP obtained is quite large. Continue to Main Quest after using up all the stamina you have. And when you reach level 22, take Monster Resistance Quests which will give you 10 times the EXP. Make sure you complete two Monster Resistance Quests every day. Apart from fighting Wormtail, you can also fight Skeleton (Level 30) at Ghost Ship and Rocker (level 19) at Prontera West Gate.

Level 30 - 40

When you reach level 30, fight the Steam Goblin in Goblin Forest. This monster is the source of both Zeny and Coal for the start. Also, when you reach level 30, you can capture Pets and send them to Pet Adventure where you can get items and equipment. You can also hunt by fighting Thara Frog (Level 31) in the Underwater Cave (Byalan) or Skeleton (Level 29) in the Ghost Ship.

Level 40 - 50

Monsters Menblatt (Level 45) on Mount Mjolnir and Hornets (Level 38) on Mount Mjolnir are the next choices. And for those of you who play with the Physical Attack type, the Ants and Giearth monsters in Ant Hell are the best choices. When you reach level 45, the Pet Labor feature will open where you can get Base potions & Job EXP.

Level 50 - 60

The next hunting location is in North Prontera by fighting monsters Dustiness (Level 62), Metaller (Level 55) and Mantis (Level 65). But you have to share a little with other players, because this location is a favorite location for players who are AFK while hunting.

Level 60 - 70

North Prontera is still a very effective area for leveling. Besides that, you can also fight Eggyra (Level 61) in Payon Cave to get quite a lot of Job EXP. For those of you who play with Physical Attack types, such as Lord Knights, the right choice of monsters for leveling is Minorous (Level 64) in Pyramids.

Level 70 - 80

It is recommended that you move your hunting location to the Glast Heim Culvert and Glast Heim Outskirts area. Fight all monsters that are suitable and easy to kill using your character. The recommended monsters from ROMELID are Earth Petite (Level 79) at Glast Heim Outskirts, Sky Petite (Level 76) at Glast Heim Outskirts, Sting (Level 87) at Glast Heim Culvert and Anolian (Level 89) at Glast Heim Culvert

Levels 80–90

Fight Punk monsters (Level 98) at Clock Tower 1F and Orc Lady (Level 109) at Clock Tower B1 for giving a lot of EXP here. To maximize leveling efficiency, use the right Element, Gear and cards. Besides that, you can also fight Alarm (Level 101) at Clock Tower 2F, Black Witch (Level 100) at Clock Tower 1F or Dark Priest (Level 90) at Glast Heim Churchyard.

Levels 90–100

You can fully level up at Toy Factory 1F by fighting the Zipper Bear monster (Level 113). Drop items that can be obtained are also very valuable, such as Edelweiss, which you can use to buy rare items at the Greedy Shop. This spot is certainly a favorite spot for fast leveling, especially for characters who have the Magic type.