Dragon Raja Heirs Guide

This is a new permanent feature.

To get a Heir, go to the world map and go to the Church, then go to the "Adopt Heir" NPC called "Central Executive Officer" located at 64,28. Here you can get a Heir in 2 ways.

Get a Heir with a Soulmate.

Party with the Soulmate and talk to the NPC. Select "Get heir with Soul Mate". It will cost 450 diamonds to get a Heir. Furthermore, after that, the Heir only has a 25% chance of compatibility. In order to get 100% chance, you have to purchase the "Heir Lucky Gift" for 350 diamonds from the Treasures store. 

Then, you have to select the Carrier for the Heir. Only one of you can take care of it.

You can have up to 2 Heirs, but you cannot get 2 heirs at once. The first Heir will have to grow up into the Newborn Stage before you can create a new Sprout.

After the Heirs are created, it would be the Sprout Stage

  • The Carrier of the Heir has to give the Heir a Medical Exam once a day. Go to the Heir Exam NPC at the Church called the "Central Inspector". Located at 58,28. 
  • Parents can go to the Heir menu and check in on the Heir once every 4 hours to nurture it. There are no notifications for this, so you will have to remember to come back every 4 hours.

Newborn Stage (after Sprout stage)

  • You can Feed, Bat, Comfort or Play with the baby. The Closet will also be available where you can change Outfits. 
  • Look at for your Quest tab constantly for quests like ''Bring Heir to XXX and take pictures'' to gain more growth points.

Developing Stage

From the Developing stage onwards, the Heir will be able to contribute to your Rating. 

  • Info --> Specialty tab. You can Train various stats of the Heir. 
  • Mandate. You can illuminate various states of the Heir to increase rating. 
  • Chip. Equip chips to increase rating. 
  • Info --> Basic Stats. You can Level up the Heir with Nutrients.

Growth Stage (after Developing Stage reaches level 90)

  • unlocks Heir Gears 
  • Unlocks closet outfit and haircut 
  • unlocks heir skills