Dragon Raja : Song of the Dragon and Freedom Part 3

 Song of the Dragon and Freedom

After finishing the story quest part 2, now Follow the quest navigator to Dawn Winery and speak with Diluc.
Go to the next area to kill the enemies.
The following quest objective will be in an area that we have yet to explore. So, its exploration time!


The exploration area will be below in pink outline.
Explore the area thoroughly, search every nook and cranny for chests. Be patient about this, exploration is a part of RPG fun!
The gorge that links Dawn Winery to Springvale will have a lot to explore. I wouldn't go into details since its pretty the same as previous explorations, just make sure to cover every area in detail.
Midway through the gorge, look up and one of the upper platforms to find a red challenge monument, use the up-winds to lift up then do the gliding task all the way to the chest.
  • destroy hilichurl bases to get chests. 
  • At the south-south eastern part of the exploration area will also have a monument that requires the Shrine of Depths Key. 
  • i also found an egg-like structure on a pillar that i destroyed, and it created an up-wind that was temporary. I will unable to ride the up-wind and it disappeared, so i do not know what is up there. 
  • destroy crystal rocks to get crystal chunks. 
  • use Cryo skills for flaming flowers, or Pyro skills for Mist flowers. 
  • south west will be a circular colosseum, not sure what it is for yet, but you will find a new type of flower Wolfhook in this area. 
  • just east of the colosseum will be 4 x fire monuments. You will have to light them up in quick succession in order to reveal the chest in the middle. 
  • further east from the fire monuments will be a sealed chest on a tower guarded by some Hillichurls. After killing the Hillichurls, you will need to climb a nearby stone tower, then glide to get the chest. 
  • further east will be a stone pillar guarded by vines. Burn them and climb the tower to get the Anemoculus. 
  • North of the colosseum is yet another monument that requires Shrine of Depths Key, and north east of this shrine at the cliff will be a challenge monument. It was a gliding task to open a chest.
There are also 2 Waypoints in this Wolvendom. area. Explore the waypoint areas thorougly.

Around the eastern waypoint,

  • i found a Seelie up on a suspended horizontal tree trunk south of this waypoint. Remember to look up, or listen for the Seelie sound. 
  • explore the area on your own thorougly as i will not cover every single small item. 
  • i found an anemoculus suspended in the air that i needed to climb a nearby tree then glide over to get it. 
  • i climbed another tree and found a chest on its trunk, and few other chests lying around. 
  • destroy rocks for crystal chunks, also destroyed a fake cliff boulder to reveal a chamber with a chest inside. 
  • northwest of this waypoint are 3 fire monuments that you can light up with pyro skills to reveal a chest. 
  • north of the waypoint at the beach there is a Seelie tower, to locate this Seelie, see below regarding the Seelie that would lead to this Beach. anyone found the Seelie for this? please write to me! 
  • explore the area and destroy the hillichurl camps around.

Around the Western waypoint,

  • another anemoculus on a tree 
  • chests surrounded by vines, use Pyro skills to burn the vines. 
  • more hillichurl camps with chests 
  • destroy blue flying bubbles in the sky to reveal a chest. 
  • in general, explore around for chests hidden here and there. 
  • to the West of this waypoint is a hillichurl camp. Explore it thorougly to get chests, flaming flowers, electro crystals, 
  • there is a false wall that you can destroy by the cliff, there will be a Seelie inside. There will be 4 Seelie in total. the 4th Seelie's totem will be a stack of rocks that you must destroy in order to reveal it. Activating the 4 Seelie will reveal the Anemo monument at the centre. Use an Anemo skill to activate it to reveal the portal. This happens to be the Cecilia Garden, Domain of Forgery: City of Reflections portal.
Finally, explore the remaining area north of Cecilia garden, all the way until the 3rd Waypoint to the North.
  • Destroy hillichurl camps for chests, look around thoroughly for more chests.  
  • you can climb some stone pillars for chests on top, and also a Seelie on one of the stone pillars 
  • there was a giant blue slime that was hiding an Anemoculus 
  • collect dandelion seeds 
  • there will be 4 blue bubbles floating around a tree, shoot them to reveal a chest. So remember to look up! 
  • look out for Anemoculus, i found at least 2 more. One can be found by collecting 3 Anemograms and riding the up-wind to the top.Another is by one of the Hillichurl camps, destroy the fake cliff wall to reveal the Anemoculus inside. 
  • there are also 2 more Seelie in the area that you need to trigger together. 
  • there will be a challenge monument. I had to destroy some fire slimes in 20 seconds. 
  • look out for more hillichurl bases, and Anemoculus on the way to the northern waypoint. 
  • there will be another 2 Seelie to trigger. 
  • there will be another Seelie that will guide you through a wind portal, follow it on its long journey and it will guide you all the way to the Seelie totem near the beach. Refer to the guide above regarding the Seelie at the "Beach".
Back to our journey towards the northern portal. There should be a couple more Anemoculus. One is behind the hidden cliff wall that you must destroy. The other will be hidden at the top of the tree. Stand by the cliff above and glide down to the tree top, you may need to try a few times until you get lucky.

When you're satisfied, exploring, finish up this pink area by taking the northern waypoint.
It is now time to proceed with the main story quest.

Head to the quest objective. It should be in the area of the map that is still uncovered. Unfortunately, the Statue of the Seven is too far away, so we will uncover this map area later. For now, head straight to the objective and focus on main quest completion. We will explore the area when the map is uncovered later on.

Stormterror's Lair

Follow the quest accordingly and fight off hillichurls, then after the scene, proceed to the next quest objective that is across the long bridge.

Follow the quest until we have to ride the wind up-lift to get to the final objective. On the way, we will reach the Statue of the Seven that will uncover the map. Continue to Focus on finishing the main quest, ignoring exploration for now. 

When you get to the scene about the ''Actuator'', you can also activate the waypoint nearby, then proceed to interact with the light actuator, and bring it to the blue monument to continue the quest. 

We will now need to explore 3 areas on the map to activate the light actuators. While doing so, activate the 3 way points as well. From where you are at the central tower, ride the up-wind to the highest point then glide over to the South East waypoint first. 

At the South East way point, go to the light actuator, you will be required to kill some monsters, though they should not be a bother. 

To get to the the other 2 waypoints quickly, you can teleport back to the central tower waypoint, then ride the up-wind and glide to each of the next way point to the East.

The main totem is just South of the waypoint.

The first light actuator is at the top of the highest stone tower in this yellow circle, so you will need to ride the up-wind to the top. From the first actuator, look around to see another stone pillar with the 2nd light actuator at the top of it. The final one is just by the main totem.

Teleport back to the highest tower waypoint and glide to the final yellow circle's Western waypoint.

The first actuator is just north of the waypoint. The second actuator is around the north western part, covered by a fake rock wall that you must destroy. The third one is in a wind barrier further north of the waypoint. Climb the stone towards at the sides and glide down into the actuator. 

The main totem is south west of the waypoint.

Now that we are done, teleport back to the central waypoint to continue the main story. 

After the scene, head to the center to Confront Stormterror. If you die, teleport to the Statue of the Seven to heal up. then try again. If during the flight your life gets low, don't worry you can open your inventory to heal up using apples and what not.

For the 2nd part, Venti will be very critical to winning. Other ranged chars will also be necessary as Melee chars will be useless. 

After the battle, we will be back at the outskirts of Mondstadt. Before continuing with the main quest, its time for exploration.

​Brightcrown Canyon

We divide this exploration into 2 parts, the northern and the southern (see blue outline in picture below)
Lets start with the Southern part first
  • in the gorge, look out for false cliff walls to destroy to find chests. 
  • destroy hillichurl camps and other enemies to get chests. 
  • challenge monument to kill some slimes within a time limit. 
  • Anemoculus high up the cliff along the western side of the gorge. 
  • mine crystal chunks 
  • explore the heightened cliffs on both sides of the gorge 
  • northeast of this area are some stone ruins, explore thorougly too. 
  • at the end of the gorge will be the waypoint.
Next we proceed to explore the northern outline of this exploration area.
  • search every corner, destroy enemies and find chests 
  • collect anemoculus. One of it requires you to fly down onto the wind barrier from the cliff above. 
  • look up and shoot the blue bubbles above to reveal a chest below. 
  • there will be a Seelie one one of the stone towers. Climb up to a higher stone tower and glide down onto it. 
  • there will be a miniboss at the center of the stone ruins. 
  • anemoculus hidden behind a fake wall that you just destroy. inside this chamber, light up 4 fire pillars to reveal a chest. 
  • northeastern area has a shrine that needs the Shrine of Depths key. 
  • theres anothe Seelie in north eastern area. 
  • an up-wind to ride that we can get a Anemoculus. 
  • 3 fire pillars that we can burn to reveal a chest 
  • southwest of this exploration area there is a Seelie totem but i can't find the Seelie.

Next, we explore Stormterror's Lair.

We begin with the East sector first. Explore thoroughly as i will only cover significant items.
  • remember to search under the bridge. you may find a chest. 
  • challenge monuments to destroy enemies within a time limit. 
  • activate an anemo monument to reveal an upwind that will lead to an Anemoculus. 
  • kill hillichurl bases to get chests 
  • northwest of the waypoint there is an Anemoculus under the highest point of the tower. Ride the upwind up and glide to it. 
  • investigate destroyed carts 
  • climb all the stone towers that you see. You may find chests or Seelie on top.
Next will be the northern sector.
  • northeast of this sector there will be a tall tower with an Anemoculus inside. You will need to find a way to climb the high cliffs along the side, its quite a detour, then jump and glide onto the tower from above. 
  • destroy false boulder walls to find chests 
  • where the waypoint in this sector is, it is surrounded by a stone tower. There is an Anemoculus at the top of the stone tower. In order to get there you have to find a way to climb the northern cliffs to the highest point, then glide over to the Anemoculus. After you get the Anemoculus, don't jump down yet. Look around and you will see a Seelie on a nearby tower, you can glide over to it. 
  • the stone towers at the western part of the sector also have a chest. 
  • challenge monument for a gliding challenge to open a chest within a time limit. 
  • challenge monument to kill a fire blob within a time limit. 
  • many hillichurl camps to kill to get chests 
  • 2 x Anemoculus at the southern part of this sector. Both will be in a caves, so you will have to search every corner thorougly. for one of the caves, the Anemoculus will be above, so you will have to look up to see it. 
  • by the pond there will be an Anemoculus 
  • challenge monument at the centre of the pond to shoot 3 x blue blobs from the air within a time limit.
Next will be the southwestern sector
  • above the waypoint there very high up there will be a Anemoculus. In order to get this, first teleport to the waypoint in the Central tower of the map, the same tower that the Statue of the Seven is. After getting to the Waypoint, go to the edge of the tower and climb all the way up the tower by the outside. You need to get all the way to the highest tip of the tower. You won't be able to see the Anemoculus from here, but fly towards the southwestern waypoint. As you glide nearer, you will see the Anemoculus when you are nearer and you can glide towards it. Southwest of the waypoint there would also be a wind monument. Activate it with Anemo skills to create the upwind path that you can glide through to get the same Anemoculus. 
  • search for hillichurl camps and chests. also search every corner for chests lying around. 
  • there will be an Anemoculus on a tree 
  • look out for Seelies in the area. 
  • many electro crystals and crystal chunks around. 
  • further southwest is another wind monument that you can trigger to reveal another upwind. it will help you to fly to higher platforms to explore. one of the platforms has a wind boss and 3 chests on it. 
  • far southeast will be 2 large hillichurls standing guard. enter the chamber behind them for a few more chests. 
  • destroy fake boulder walls for chests 
  • search the bridge top for chests. 
  • theres another anomoculus on top of a stone tower. 
  • in the middle of the pond there is an isle with a chest. 
  • investigate abandoned carts and tents
Finally it will be the Central tower.
Explore around the outside and inside of the Central tower. Start from the bottom and circle up.
  • destroy chest and barrels 
  • make sure to look up and climb up to platforms to explore.  
  • look up for Anemoculus as well. 
  • highest tip of the central tower there is a chest.
Once done with exploration, its time to head back to continue the main story at Mondstadt.

That's the complete guide about Dragon Raja: GENSHIN IMPACT WALKTHORUGH Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 that we have compiled from various sources. I hope this tutorial can help you enjoy the Dragon Raja game.
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