The Outlander Who Caught the Wind

Starfell Lake & Whispering Woods

Follow the quest story line as you will venture through the Starfell Lake and Whispering Woods sections of the map. The quest storyline will bring you all the way until you reach Mondstadt. However, before entering Mondstadt to continue the story. Revisit Starfell Lake and Whispering Woods. This time, explore the area thorougly, running around the perimeters to make sure that you cover the area as much as possible. You will not only be able to pick up a lot of bling bling items, but you will encounter hidden chests, as well as enemy bases that you can destroy to uncover or unlock chests to get items. There are 2 waypoints that can be activated. One is by the Statue of the Seven - Anemo. The other is by the crossroads outside of Mondstadt city. Near to the crossroads is also Lynn who will teach you about cooking. After you have explored Starfell Lake and Whispering Woods thoroughly and you are satisfied, then head into Mondstadt. If you comeacross a green monument, cast Anemo skills on it to reveal a chest. There is a chest wrapped around by vines just outside the town. If you have not gotten it yet, you just have to use character with Fire skills to burn away the vines to open the chest.

Refer to the map here for the exploration area of Whispering Woods and Starfell Lake.



In Mondstadt, do not proceed with the story quest yet. The city can be explored in a lot of detail too. You should run around talking to every NPC there is. Some of them will give you items. Here are the key highlights of Mondstadt besides all the minor items that you can get.

  1. Outside the city, you will notice a green perimeter of grass surrounds the city. Run one round around the city to uncover items and chests around the external perimeter. Then enter the city. 
  2. Adventurer's Guild Waypoint. 
  3. Knights of Favonius Waypoint. You have to navigate you way to slowly climb up the building until you get to the top. The waypoint is at the roof. After activating the waypoint, look around and you will notice some chests in the area. One of them is a very precious chest. 
  4. Knights of Favonius Headquarters. Inside, the 2 doors on the right will be the library. You can pick up many bling bling books in the library. 
  5. Favonius Cathedral
After you have satisfied yourself by exploring all the details of the city, then head to the story quest waypoint to continue. You will be taught how to ''glide''. The dragon will then attack and the story will progress. But before proceeding with the story further, explore the city again. If you zoom in on the world map on Mondstadt, you will see a blue "!" symbol. Go to it to find Cyrus to receive the World Quest ''A Fine Opportunity''. But we can do the quest later. Lets continue with the main story quest now.

​As you progress the main quest, the "Wish" feature will unlock. You can now Gacha for new characters. To add them into your party, summon Paimon via the top left icon to open up the menu --> Party Setup. Here, you can configure 4 characters to be in the party.

When you regain control, you will be in a room. Explore the room to pick up all the bling blings. Then exit the room and head toward the quest objective. Along the way, Claim Adventure Rewards with Katheryne of the Adventurer's Guild. She will be near to Wagner the Blacksmith. Also interact with Wagner for a conversation. Proceed towards the quest objective.

Refer to the purple outline for the exploration area of Mondstadt.

Temple of the Falcon

​At the quest objective, talk with Amber to proceed to enter the Temple of the Falcon. Inside the temple, explore thoroughly, destroying crates and barrels for items, and opening chests. Its an easy dungeon and you will be out in no time.

In between the Temple of Falcon and the next quest objective is a large piece of unexplored world map. Take the opportunity of travelling there to explore as much as possible. Near the temple (quest objective), if you wait around you may encounter Godwin. He will be walking around. He is the person that Glory is waiting for. (you will know if you interacted with everyone in the city). 

Things of interest in this area:
  • teleport waypoint south-west of the quest objective. To get to this waypoint, you have to climb your way up the stone tower to the top. Just East of this waypoint, you will come across some stone ruins with a sealed chest. Look carefully around the stone ruins to see 3 x stands that have a red base. You will need to use a character that has Pyro skills, for example, Amber. Cast her 2nd skill Explosive Puppet that has AoE Pyro DMG attributes to light up the stands one by one. There will be a 4th stand that needs to be lighted up, but it will be at the top of one of the stone pillars. So you have to climb up too. After lighting up all 4 stands, the chest will be unlocked. 
  • south east of the same waypoint near to the beach, you will come across 3 x fire pillars. You can  use amber's charged basic attack to light up each pillar, but you have to do it fast because each pillar will not stay lit for long. Light them up in quick succession before they go off in order to trigger the chest to appear. 
  • further south east of the same waypoint is an tavern with a level 36 boss inside. We will be unable to defeat it at this time. The area to the south of the world map is darkened. Don't venture into that area for now. 
  • We can also explore all the way to the teleport waypoint north-west of the quest objective, so there will be quite a wide area to cover. 
  • During the exploration you may encounter blue coloured floating friendly foe called Seelie. Follow Seelie to their end destination to get rewards. 
  • Destroy enemy camps 
  • if you spot floating round objects in the sky, make sure to shoot them down so trigger hidden chests to appear. 
  • Chloris will be running around the central area on the way to the objective. She sells flowers. 
  • If you are lucky, you will encounter Anemoculus. This will trigger ''The Blessings of the Seven'' World Quest. 
  • if you happen to see any animals running around, you can attack them and kill them to get food ingredients. It will be hard to catch them. So use Amber's bow to attack them from afar. 
  • if you encounter mist flowers or flaming flowers, you will need to choose a character of the opposite cryo or pyro lemental skill to destroy the flowers in order to get the items.
For this exploration area, see this map for the green outline.
When the exploration is done, proceed to the quest objective to continue with the story into the Temple of the Wolf.

Temple of the Wolf

Remember to explorer thoroughly. Destroy crates and barrels to uncover chests. 

  • The very first chamber a 2nd level platform with some chest and barrels, so you have to find your way around. 
  • You will also come to an area where you need to freeze the water to cross. After you cross, look behind to see a chest that was hidden from view earlier.
After completing this dungeon, Kaeya joins the party.

Its time to head to the next quest objective temple now. But the area is in the map that is still darkened out. To unlock the map, we have to travel to the Windrise Statue of the Seven that you will see on the map. After interacting with it, this new portion of the map, called windrise, will be uncovered.  

​Since we are at the Statue of the Seven, we can also do other things like Worship it by offering the Anemoculus that we have found along the way. You can also receive the statue's blessing to recover HP. This will complete the ''The Blessings of the Seven'' World Quest.

Windrise and Falcon Coast

Its time to explore Windrise. We will explore all of the newly uncovered areas until the quest objective. Remember to cover as much detail as possible as i will not mention everything here.
  • destroy enemy bases 
  • Look out for Seelies as usual 
  • Look out for Anemoculus in the sky. If they are too high up, you will have to climb nearby stone pillars then glide down to get them. 
  • Just south of the Statue of the Seven - Galesong Hill, you will come across the river, with 3 stone pillars of different elements. The red pillar can be lighted up using Pyro skills, you can use Amber. The blue pillar will need Cryo skills character. The Purple pillar will need Electro character. I did not have Electro character at this point. If you don't have an Electro character yet, you can come back next time. I had Fishl at this point. 
  • Next to the Electro pillar mentioned above will be a huge tree. Across the river from the huge tree some distance away you will also find an Anemoculus that is high up in the sky that you can't reach. You will need to climb to the highest point of the huge tree, then Glide your way across the river to get the Anemoculus. 
  • explore the islands at the mouth of the river. You can swim to the far eastern island where you will notice and upwind coming from one of the islands. Get to that island, and you can drift to another nearby island with a chest. You can then use the upwind to rise to the highest point and explore the cliff areas high up. However, do not venture beyond to the red areas of the map. They are red for a reason. We can explore those parts later. 
  • if you travel along the cliff walls, look out for large rock boulders that you can destroy to reveal chests. its easy to miss them. 
  • just northwest of the quest objective is a well-like structure that bursts out at upwind. Follow the upwind all the way to the highest point until you are stuck. then, look down carefully, you will notice an anemoculus that you can get. You will have to position yourself carefully on top and drop down to get it. 
  • West of the objective is another cliff. on this cliff you will see 3 electro towers that you can light up with Electro skills to get a chest. 
  • I did venture a bit into the dark parts of the map. I came across a chest surrounded by a wind barrier. You will have to climb up the rocks nearby and then jump and glide onto the chest from above to get it.
For Windrise and Falcon Coast exploration area, see this map yellow outline:
When you're done exploring, head to the quest objective to continue the story. Talk to Lisa.

Temple of the Lion

Explore thorougly. destroying crates may reveal chests behind them.
You should not have any trouble with this dungeon.

This act is complete. We can now proceed to the next act, but Paimon will remind you that we can do available World Quests and Story Quests too. So check by the Quest tab to see what other quests are available.

Dadaupa Gorge (West)

Before returning to town for other quests, visit the Dadaupa Gorge waypoint to the South to trigger it first. So that we can come back easily later on. Explore the area on the way to the waypoint as usual. We don't need to expore the whole of Dadaupa Gorge now. Just the far Western part up to the waypoint will do.
  • North East of the way point i came across this mini shrine that had a chest inside. It requires a Shrine of Depths Key which i do not have yet. Lets KIV this for later. 
  • Open chests that you find along the way. 
  • You may come across an Anemoculus that is high up near a tree. I tried climbing the tree and jumping to the Anemoculus but i did not work. Instead, there should be 3 blue spirits called Anemogranum on the ground. Interact with 3 of them to create an upwind that you can then use to float up and glide to get the Anemoculus. 
  • kill enemy bases to get chests. 
  • i came across a chest that is surrounded by a wind barrier, with 3 x Anemogranum around. Use them to create the upwind to lift up then glide down onto the chest.
There's no need to explore beyond the Dadaupa Gorge way point now. Once you get to the Way Point, its time to go back to Mondstadt and continue with some World Quests. Before that, feel free to stop by any Statue of the Seven along the way to feed Anemoculus.

​See this exploration area outlined in pink.


At this point, i cleared 3 world quests.
  • Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild 
  • Collector of Anemo Sigils 
  • A Fine Opportunity?
Next, its time to explore the town and catch up with its inhabitants after being away for awhile. Remember to explore in detail like how we did when we first came to Mondstadt. You will realise that while most conversations remain the same, there will be no choices to explore, such as ''about stormterror..'' and also some new NPCs. I wouldn't list all of them here, exploration is part of the fun! The game puts a lot of detail into the smallest characters. For example, the first time we came to Mondstadt, there would have been a sick girl called Anna by the fountain. This time round, Anthony is here picking up money from the fountain to pay for her medical bills. I'll leave the rest of the exploration to you.
  • you can catch up with some cooking if you wish as well 
  • try scaling the castle walls that surround the city. You could find a chest or two in the towers! 
  • also notice that the windmils have a wooden platform at the sides. But you can't climb the windmills. So find the nearest building that is taller to climb that building and glide over to the windmill platform. 
  • if you have time, climb onto building tops too. you could find rare cooking materials like bird eggs. 
  • Climb up to the Far-north western tower of the Cathedral to find a Luxurious chest there. 
  • Inside the Cathedral, you can talk to Victoria to get a 4 star artifact, the Bloodstained Chevalier's Goblet.
If you are done exploring the city, we can now do the Secret Pirate Treasure Story Quests. You may already have triggered some during the exploration of the city. This is what i got:


While doing the Story Quests above, we will be required to explore Springvale area of the world map. We have added the Springvale section here so as not to dilute the Story Quest guide. The first thing will be to get to the Springvale Statue of the Seven to uncover the map. So lets run straight there. Defeat a miniboss to reveal the  map. It was flying so used a ranged character. The uncovered part of the map is huge. We don't need to explore this whole area now. So lets just go back to explore the Springvale area first. In the Springvale area there are 2 waypoints, we will explore the area around these 2 waypoints for now..
  • uncover the Northern waypoint in this area first. 
  • south of the northern waypoint, on the way to the southern waypoint, is Springvale town. You can explore it and the NPCs. Some will give rewards. 
  • as usual, explore the map thoroughly, destroy enemy basis to get chests. 
  • explore every possible corner and caravan for chests. 
  • Meet Hopkins the Marvelous. You can purchase Holy Water from him. Also explore all his options to get the Chalice reward. 
  • If u see a weird blue plant with 3 bulbs, destroy it. It will explode to release 3 floating balls that you can shoot down with a bow and arrow character to reveal a chest. 
  • if you see floating anemoculus, just find the nearest highest point and try gliding to it. 
  • south southwestern and southereastern part of this town has one Seelie each above one of the roofs. Jump down from the high cliff next to the house. 
  • southwest of the South waypoint is NPC Ylgr on a cliff. Explore her chat options to get a reward. 
  • you will also encounter some red glowing towers where you have 30 seconds to "rush" to unlock a chest. The direction of the chest will be on the yellow marker on the screen. 
  • anemogranum and anemoculus. 
  • uncover the southern waypoint and explore this area around the lake to complete the exploration of Springvale. 
  • this Lake is also where the Story Quest Secret Pirate Treasure unfolds. So i recommend that we take the chance to complete this Story Quest now.
See the Springvale exploration area here in darker purple:

Now, we will continue with the next story quest Archon Quest, For a Tomorrow Without Tears, Part 2.