Dragon Raja : Archon Quest, For a Tomorrow Without Tears, Part 2

After you finishing the story quest part 1, now Navigate to the Quest starting point to find Jean to trigger the quest. Head to the Knights of Favonius headquarters for the next scene.

The next location is outside the building where Paimon will be waiting. Follow the story accordingly, using Vision to follow the green footprints on the ground. It will end where the giant statue is. The mysterious green guy turns out to be Venti the Bard.

The next location is where a Statue of the Seven is, so you can teleport to where the quest navigator shows.

You will have to fight a flying creature, so make sure to have a ranged character equipped.

Then teleport back to Knights of Favonius waypoint as we head towards Mondstadt Cathedral to talk to Venti. Follow the quest accordingly to change the time to18:00 and enter the basement just nearby.

Cathedral Basement

Inside the basement, there will be guards patrolling. We have to avoid the guards to get to the objective. If you are spotted, you will need to restart. As you enter the basement:

We explore the Western Corridor first.

  • go to the southwest corner. there is a guard guarding a chest. If you press the ''crouch'' button, you will have the option to throw a smokebomb. Throw it infront of the guard so that he will walk to check it out. Then, sneak behind him to take the chest. 
  • along the same western corridor is another guard guarding a chest. use the same smoke bomb technique to distract the guard to get that chest too. 

Then we explore the central chamber. 2 guards are guarding it and they walk around in a pattern. Simply avoid them to collect the 2 chests and come back out.

Finally, we take the Eastern corridor. 

  • the first guard patrols the corner in an anti clockwise direction. Just follow him from behind until you go around to get the chest. 
  • the second chest is in the northeastern corner. A guard is guarding it, so you need to throw the smoke grenade to distract him to the other end. then quickly run in to get the chest.

Proceed to the end of the corridor to the objective. Someone steals the treasure before us, and we have to run. The flying task will be easy. We will end up in the Tavern. Follow the quest. Change the time to 00:00 to proceed with the story.

Teleport to the Springvale waypoint to get to the next objective.

Fatui Hideout

You will need a character with Cryo skills for this dungeon.

Explorer the area thoroughly, destroying barrels and crates, opening chests. 

The first area has fire towers. Use Cryo skills to shut them to cross the bridge.

In the next area, before going up the steps, check the area behind the stairs for a chest.

Proceed up the steps for a scene with the Fatui guard. there is another chest in this area.

The next chamber is a huge one. There will be 4 quest objectives telling you where to find the key. Go to them one by one, at the same time exploring this chamber thoroughly. Once you get the key, unlock the device in the center to proceed to the next room by taking the lift up.

Kill the boss to get the Holy Lyre Der Himmel.​

After regrouping, its time to find some dragon's tears. The first objective will be the Thousand Winds Temple. The nearest waypoint that we have would be the Temple of the Wolf. We would also take this chance to explore the Thousand Winds Temple area of the map.

Thousands Winds Temple

Explore thoroughly to collect chests. The map exploration is here in Brown outline.

  • Eastern end, you can jump down the cliffs to explore the lower ground by the sea. 
  • destroy enemy bases for chests. 
  • destroy barrels and crates, including red exploding barrels that may reveal chests. 
  • At the South eastern part there will be some stone structures with an enemy base at the center. There will be a Seelie at the top of one of the stone structures, so remember to look up! Follow the Seelie to the treasure. Then, before jumping off, look around to see another chest nearby that you can glide to. 
  • the northern part of this area is where the main temple ruins will be. Climb up the sides and explore the surrounding perimeter. You will meet Patchi's and Doolan. Explore Patchi's chat options to get a reward. Theres also a chest near to her. Contin​ue exploring around the perimeter, climbing up to the highest points. You can find items like bird eggs, there will also be fire and electro and ice monuments to light up using pyro and electro and cryo skills in order to reveal a chest. You will also see an Anemoculus at the top of one of the highest points. ​After you are done exploring the brown outline above, it is time to head into the quest yellow circle on the map to kill the enemies.

After done exploring, kill the monster in the middle and get the final chest with the dragon's tear. Or you can always kill it at the beginning before exploring as well. The next quest area is at Cape Oath. Guess what? its exploration time again :). We have a huge area to cover, including the Dadaupa Gorge as well.

Dadaupa Gorge

Teleport over to the Dadaupa Gorge world map. During this exploration, we will also complete the Breaking the Sword Cemetery Seal World Quest. This is the area that we will need to explore next in Yellow outline. (see image below)

  • Just south of the Dadaupa Gorge, and West of the larger lake, there will be fire torches that you can light up with Pyro skills to reveal a chest. 
  • look out for Anemoculus. They will show as a shiny symbol on the map. There will be quite a number in this vast area. 
  • kill enemy bases and get chests, destroy crates and barrels.

North West of the exporation area is a hilichurl camp. Go into the biggest structure to activate the event to kill the enemies within a timeframe to unlock many chests. There will be a Cryo monument at the centre that you can activate. It then shows a chest appearing on a lake. Lets remember to look for this chest later. Explore all the other hilichurl buildings in this area thorougly. 

  • if you see Dandelion flowers, you need Anemo skills to get rid of them to get items. 
  • pyro skills to burn vines around chests. if the weather is rainy, you will need to cast the skill a few times to burn off the vine. 
  • South of the hilichurl camp will be the lake. Hillichurl Camp 1. Here you will notice the Chest that was unveiled just awhile ago via the Cryo monument. 
  • There will also be several Seelie around the lake. Climb the pillars to get to them. If you can't, climb nearby cliffs and glide to them. They will give a precious chest. 
  • Destroy fake boulders along the cliffs to reveal chests. 
  • You can also chat to Dr Livingstone around the lake. 
  • Climb up the X shaped wooden structure in the middle of the map to get the Anemoculus. We will not be able to activate the chest at the centre. According to Dr Livingstone, we need to take out 2 other Hilichurl camps first. So lets explore South of this Lake.

South of the Central lake, Hilichurl Camp 2 will be the next Hilichurl camp. This camp surrounds a smaller pond/lake. Explore it thorougly. 

  • there will be chests lying around. 
  • enter all the buildings, one of them has a Anemoculus inside. 
  • After clearing the whole camp of enemies, you can go to the center of the pond to get the chest. And also activate the Electro monument. We now need 1 more monument from the Hilichurl camp the, East of this 2nd Hilichurl camp above, in order to unlock the chest on the lake.

Hilichurl camp 3.

Explore this camp thoroughly. There will be an Anemoculus high up at the entrance. Climb up the cliff and glide to it. 

  • Explore, climb up all the towers and enter all the buildings. If you see Fire flowers you should know what to do. 
  • You should also open a chest that contains a Dragon's Tear to finish one part of the Main Quest. 
  • once done exploring, kill the enemy at the center to get the chest. Then light up the Fire monument to unlock the chest in the middle of the lake.

Now head to the central lake and claim the chest to complete the Breaking the Sword Cemetery Seal World Quest.

We should have completed the exploration of Dadaupa Gorge now. Next is to proceed to explore Cape Oath.

Cape Oath

You can see the Cape Oath exploration area in the picture below, outline in blue. 

  • explore thorougly, searching out enemy bases, destroying barrels. 
  • explosive pyro skills can destroy purple gems to get Electro crystals. 
  • if you come across chests surrounded by a wind barrier, collect the 3 x Anemogranum around to rise up using the wind channel then glide onto the chest from above. 
  • look out for chests lying around hidden among rocks. 
  • You will come across the Eagle's Gate. This will complete our Main Story. Lets explore the whole Cape Oath first before coming back here. Theres a chest hidden in the bush to the right side facing the gate. 
  • look out for Seelie around to reveal chests. 
  • along the northern cliffs, look down to see the lower beaches and platforms, you may find Anemoculus if you look closely. 
  • Southeast of Eagle's Gate is a stone ruins with a purple device at the center. A level 36 boss is here that we will not be able to kill.  
  • Unlock the Cape Oath waypoint. 
  • use anemo skills on Dandelion flowers. 
  • North east of the waypoint you will see a purple circle on the mini world map. Activate the 3 Seelie around and a wind lift will be generated at the center. Ride the wind lift all the way to the top to see the purple circle in the sky. You will also see a chest in the distance surrounded by a wind barrier. Glide onto the chest first. there is no need to go to the Purple portal now. It will take us to Musk Reef but we cannot do anything there now.

Once done exploring, return to Eagle's Gate to continue the main story.

Eagle's Gate

  • When you come across the first stream, there will be a partially hidden chest at the right side in the water. 
  • after crossing the stream, destroy the enemies to get the chest. Then, remember to climb up the left and right towers where the archers are to destroy the creates, barrels, and collect chests. 
  • Next area, destroy enemies to get the chest. A wind lift will also appear at one of the corners. Ride it to the top. Look around to see a chest to glide to. then glide to the next area to ride a series of lifts across. 
  • Kill off the enemies, collect the chest, and go on to ride the wind lift and glide to the other side to get the Dragon's Tear.

The next quest objective will be near to the Dawn Winery area to the West. Yup, you guessed what this means. Its exploration time.

Dawn Winery

See the exploration map for the Dawn Winery area below, in Green.

  • explore the area thoroughly. kill enemies to unlock chests. 
  • use Anemo skills to destroy Anemo flowers to get Dandelion seeds. 
  • at the north-northeastern tip of the area there will be a chest. At the same area will also be the symbol of an anemoculus. The Anemoculus is underneathe the cliff. So you have to jump off and glide underneathe to get it. 
  • explore all the way to the West area where the Dawn Winery waypoint is. Just west of the waypoint there is a chest by the base of the cliff, there are also Seelies that can be found to activate another chest. 
  • explore the southern area thoroughly too to find chests, as i will only be covering the major items. 
  • there will be an anemoculus off the southern coast. To get it, jumping off the cliff won't be sufficient. You will have to climb the nearby highest tree to its highest point, then jump off and glide to the Anemoculus. 
  • theres a chest and Electro crystal at the south eastern corner nearer to the waterfall. 
  • there will be 4 houses on the outskirts of town, so explore them first, before we proceed into the main compound at the center. At one of the south-east houses, theres a house with a Seelie monument, however i cannot find the Seelie. Climb to the top of the houses too. You may find chests. 
  • explore the farm area around the main compound to find a few chests. 
  • explore around the main building itself to find chest a chest, climb to the top of the building to find an Anemoculus, and you can also speak with the various NPCs around. If you speak with Hillie and Moco, they will talk about a hidden room on the 2nd floor. We can try to look for it later. 
  • you can also proceed into the house. The 2nd floor has nothing. Seems like the rumour that Hillie and Moco mentioned is fake. On the first floor, you can talk to the NPCs, and Adelinde will have a gift. You can also pick up various books around.

Once done with the area exploration, proceed to continue the main quest and speak with Jean.
It is then time to continue the story again, proceed the next location at Starsnatch Cliff

​Remember to check by Katheryne in Mondstadt to collect adventurer rewards, and also visit Statue of the Seven to feed them Anemoculus.

Starsnatch Cliff

Before we proceed with the story, its exploration time again. Below is the exploration area in Orange.
Explore every nook and cranny of this area thoroughly. There will be chests around.
  • Look out for an exploding barrel around the middle of the area, explode it to reveal a Seelie. 
  • look out for Anemoculus 
  • use anemo skills on Dandelion flowers. 
  • destroy electro crystals with Pyro skills. 
  • Around the Northeast area is a monument that requires the Shrine of Depths Key. 
  • theres also a challenge monument around the middle northeastern area. It was a gliding challenge to open a chest in 60 seconds.
When you're satisfied, proceed to the main story quest objective. A scene with Storm Terror follows, and we complete this act Prologue: Act 2, For a Tomorrow Without Tears.

​Remember to check by Katheryne in Mondstadt to collect adventurer rewards, and also visit Statue of the Seven to feed them Anemoculus.

Now, It's time to proceed to Part 3, Song of the Dragon and Freedom