Ragnarok Guide become To a Adventurer Rank B

After successfully passing a Rank C Adventurer, then you will become a Rank B Adventurer.To become a Rank B Adventurer requires a lot of capital and also items that are arguably hard to get. To reach Adventure Rank Grade B, your character must be Lv 30 in the Adventure Handbook. In addition, players must do several quests given by the NPC.

Here's a Guide to Becoming a Rank B Adventurer

  • Meet NPC Solo Took who is in Payon and talk to him
  • NPC Solo Took will give you questions, then answer them
  • Give 1 Biotite to the Solo Took NPC that you already have.
  • The next step is to meet NPC Kate Somers in Prontera City.
  • Give 1 Pearl to NPC Kate Somers.
  • Meet NPC Fram at Clock Tower 1F
  • Follow the instructions given by the NPC Fram to kill SINX
  • Just follow the ongoing quest
  • After completing the quest located at the Clock Tower, return to NPC Kate Somers in Prontera and give the Blueprint you got
  • Return to Payon and give Button of Time / Time Twister (1) to NPC Solo Took
  • Repeat talking to the Solo Took NPC again

Congratulations on becoming a B Rank Adventurer