How to Selling Your Home in Dragon Raja

You can sell your home by going to Home --> Go to Home --> Details --> Change --> Sell.

Selling Your Home

Selling the home will refund you what you have spent on your home for all the furniture and decoration, and also return you your original home purchase price of 498 diamonds and Gold.


You can Move your home to where your friend's homes are by going to Home --> Go to Home --> Details --> Change --> Move. There, you can check out the 3 Main Districts, Chizuru, Tokyo and Ehime. You can also click on
''Friend's Districts'' or ''Ally's Homes'' to find out where they are.


You can visit Friendss Homes by going from the main menu to Home --> Go To Home --> Friend's Home --> Choose who's home you wish to visit.

At your friend's home, you can click on the ''News'' button. Here you can:
Give Gift (bottom left side)
Give your friend's home a gift.
Like (bottom left side)
Like your friend's home once a day.
Note (top right side)
You can leave a Post on the friend's home's social wall.

If you want to visit the homes of friends that have visited your home, then you can go to Home --> Go to Home --> Home Comments --> you will see 4 small tabs on the right side, press on Visit Footprints --> visit the friend.


You can plant Oath Trees for your Soulmates.

Go to Home --> go to Home --> Edit --> Feature at the bottom left --> Scroll right until you see Oath Tree.

You can plant up to 3 Oath Trees.

You also have to take care of the Oath Trees every day by giving them Fertilizer, Water and Kill bugs. When the Oath Trees bear fruits, you will get Oath Berry that can be used to exchange for items from the Fruit Shop.