Guide Dragon Raja Home System

If you are buying a home for the First time, from the Menu, press on Home --> Market. You will be taken to the home NPC. Choose ''Purchase Home".


You can then choose where you want to build your home, it could be in Chizuru, Ehime Prefecture, or Tokyo. Within each City, there are also suburbs or communities that you can choose.

You can purchase a home with gold and diamonds. Once done, you will get a Certificate for your home.
You can then visit your home from the menu at Home --> Go To Home.

​When you first go to your home, you will be at an empty grass patch. The first impression may be, where is my Home? Don't worry, the grass patch is your huge garden. Look around and you will see your huge home nearby. You can run to it and go inside.


To decorate your home, from the main menu, go to Home --> Go to Home --> Edit. Here, we will explore the features of the Edit section.

Wall (top right side)

You can press on it to ''remove'' the walls from the house (view only) so that you can easily see the interior of your house from the outside.

Default (top right side)

This returns the view to the general default settings

1F (top right side)

That is the Floors button. You can press up or down to see the layout of the individual floors of your home.

Navigational Arrows (right side)

Allow you to change your camera view.

Remove (top left)

When you are in Remove Mode, any items that you tap on will be removed (demolished) quickly. Be Careful!

Manuscript (top left)

This is a User Interface guide for Decorating your home.


Use this to destroy your whole home. If only we can Bulldoze other people's homes.


You can reset the home to its original decorations. You will still have the furniture that you can choose whether to sell or re-use

Decorate / Room / Feature (bottom left)
These are all the furniture and decorations that you can buy or use to decorate your home. Some can be bought with gold, diamonds, or house funds.