The reason Mobile Legends is banned in India

Mobile Legends is one of the games that cannot be played in India because of being blocked.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang certainly can not be played in India. This happened due to the blocking of 59 applications from China by the Indian government.

Why Mobile Legends are banned in India ?

Mobile Legends is banned in India

Mobile Legends is one of the many Chinese applications that is actually on the rise. Not only this game, but one of the social media that is very loved, TikTok, also entered the list.

Reporting from, this decision occurred because of the conflict on the border between China and India, Ladakh, which is hot. Indeed there had been a clash between the two countries there.

The Indian government blocked it because these applications allegedly had the potential to threaten the security of state data.

The Emergency Response Team has received many statements from citizens about data security and privacy violations that have an impact on public order.

This step is believed to protect privacy, especially data security of every individual in India. This is not the first time India has made a firm decision regarding an application. Previously Zoom was also blocked for similar reasons.

Decisions like this before have also been made by several countries, namely Taiwan and Germany.