Latest Update Buff Vale and Alpha Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang just posted their latest patch 1.4.94. Buff and nerf occur for some heroes.

There are at least 13 heroes adjusted by Moonton, of course, for the sake of better competition in the competitive and ranked scenes.

Heroes who are too OP like Claude, Granger, Kaja and Kimmy get nerf. While some of the heroes who were fairly old got a big buff.

The two heroes that we feel are worth highlighting are Vale and Alpha. Old school heroes who have been very forgotten in rankings let alone competitive.

Vale and Alpha will become the new Meta as they find a large buff.

Both of these heroes get a big buff on their skills. Something that makes them should instantly go straight into meta now.

Vale certainly jumped to the ranks of priority support mage. Wind Blade's skill 1 now has very painful damage. A large increase occurred from 280-505 to 300-550.

Do not stop there. Windblow which is a skill of 2 Vale will now have a slow effect of up to 40 percent, which was only 30 percent previously. Regarding the windblow control effect, the airborne duration rose from 0.9 seconds to 1.2 seconds.

Last is the ultimate, Windstorm. Especially for the damage-death option, basic damage has increased dramatically from 960-1,440 to 1,200-1,800.

Looking at the skills above, Vale can be a perfect counter for Luo Yi. Because the use of Vale's skills is now further than Luo Yi's.

Turning to Alpha, now you can say it's a meta offlaner / fighter. The use of two offlaners in 1-3-1 formations makes more and more useful fighters.

Alpha's diluff has made him a new option in meta today .kill Rotary Impact has now increased its slow effect from 40 percent to 70 percent. It even increases the area of effect.

Turning to Force Swing, this skill now has no slow effect. But it saves mana from 65-90 to 45-70.

Finally, Spear of Alpha, the ultimate of this hero. Now, the basic damage from Beta (a small plane around Alpha) increases from 205-285 to 225-315, and there is a physical attack bonus from 80 percent to 280 prsen. Cooldown duration changes from 24 seconds to 24-20 seconds on all levels.