Guide Dragon Hunting Events Dragon Raja

Form a team and go hunt some dragons. Each stage has up to 8 dragons. Enjoy the rewards!

You can enter Dragon Hunts beyond the 5/5 daily limits mentioned, and also kill more than the 24/24 limit mentioned in the events tab. Talk to the Dragon Hunt NPC and click on "Times Enquiry". It will show you how many more times you can do dragon hunt for Special Rewards and for normal rewards. Special rewards mean doing the dragon hunt with Dragon Hunt Points.

Team up to kill monsters for Rewards.

You can see the number of Dragon Points that you have while killing dragons, it is displayed just above the "Leave" button at the bottom of the screen. Killing each dragon uses up one point. Killing with dragon hunt  points give you extra rewards for killing a dragon, such as Wyrm Hunter Chests, EX potions, Ally Level Up potions, and more.

Check with the NPC the Times Enquiry that you can do Special Rewards Hunts, then do it until it becomes 0. If you run out of dragon points, you can purchase "Mark of Dragon Hunt" from the shop. Just click on the "+"  sign next to the dragon points during the Dragon Hunt.

Check by the NPC regularly to see your Times enquiry. 

When the Times Enquiry counter for special rewards is 0, switch off your dragon points. This is because if you do not switch it off and continue to do dragon hunts, the dragon points will keep being deducted, and the rewards will be severely reduced. The points will be wasted. So you will need to switch off the dragon points. You can do so by clicking on the Events tab at the top, and on the top right hand corner there is the "Pts" section where you can turn off the dragon points. Then, you can continue doing the dragon hunt for the normal reward until the normal rewards Times Enquiry count is 0.

Mini Obstacles

Sometimes, you can encounter mini games at the start of the Dragon Hunt.

(1) Explore the D-Cypher Stones.

You will see 9 stones infront of you. All of them are orange in colour at first. How it works is, if you tap on one stone, all the stones that surround it will change from Orange to Green, or Green to Orange. The goal is to tap the right stones, so that all 9 stones become Green. To solve this puzzle, activate the stones in the following order:
- Bottom right
- Bottom Left
- Center Middle
- Top Right
- Top Left

(2) Investigate the Wheel of Fortune. 

Press on the turning parts of the wheel to stop them at the right time to form the complete picture.

(3) Elemental Guard.

While killing the dragons, you may see a Monster standing next to a Pink Crystal at around 37,21. When you fight it, you will be unable to kill it. You can check the System Chat via tapping on the bottom left chat box --> System.

You will see a message like ''Pay attention to the lightning absorbing device naerby. You can take out the Elemental Guards quickly using the lightning damage''

Go to 46,25 of the map, and you will see a pole emitting electricity. You have to lure the Elemental Guard to this electric pole and you will be able to kill it easily.