Dragon Raja Outfits And How To Get Them

Each update sneakily brings some new outfits for you to drool over, but the devs are kind enough to frequently offer a brand new costume free of charge. Of course, some of the most impressive clothing items have to be purchased with real money, but that's how you get to keep this free-to-play game going. 

This Dragon Raja outfits guide is going to show you how to claim the free outfits, how to purchase outfits with in-game currency, and which outfits can only be bought with real money.

Dragon Raja Outfits And How To Get Them

How To Check All The Outfits?

On the right-center of the game screen, you have to tap the + button to open the menu. Then select Wardrobe -> there you can check all the Outfits. Tap on an Outfit to see its requirement to unlock it. For example : You can get Wings of Loki Outfit when you reach level 60 or higher. 

List of Dragon Raja Outfits And How To Get Them: –

  • Awaken – Free 
  • Dreamy Aurora – Complete College Outfit Main Quest 
  • Star of Cassell Clothes – College Outfit Main Quest
  • Glazed Wind – Obtain Kimono MQ
  • Battle Uniform – Underwater Combat Outfit MQ
  • Wings of Loki – Level 60 +
  • Dreamy Rondo – Level 60+
  • Witch’s Game – Level 70+
  • Black Cat’s Kiss – Level 80+
  • Cyber Hunter – Exchange 3600 Emblems(Gabi Brians in Cassell College)
  • Code 007 – Level 90+
  • Pure Oracle – 27th Log in Day
  • Scarlet Fragments – 3rd Day Log in reward
  • Shining Stars – Newbie Pack
  • Moonlight Waltz – Fight Medal Rewards
  • Evil Pact 
  • Cassell Uniform – Become Basketball Team Member
  • Go Mr. Casual – Store or Haunted Night – Yuki-Onna’s Gift
  • Black & White -Exchange 1250 Study Points
  • Wanton Youth – Mall
  • Young and Wild – Exchange with Wold Tree Emblem(Daily Offer – Premium)
  • Nightwalker – Top Up
  • Beach Party
  • Rose-Cross Gattuso’s Feast
  • Sakura’s Return – TLEs
  • Fiery Storm – Lucky Tarot Event
  • Brilliant Youth
  • Unbounded – Mall
  • Party Mood – Bond Party

Outfits and accessories in Dragon Raja aren't just there for the cosmetic factor. As the beauty rating increases, you may unlock new titles that give your character rating a little boost, so it's another incentive for you to pursue these items.

Outfit Shards

You must use the outfit shards to unlock the outfit or equip the outfit to the character. For example – on day 3, you get Scarlet Fragment outfit shards. Tap the box button below the quests or right-center of the game screen. This will open the inventory where you have to tap the outfit shards and use them to complete the outfit acquisition process. 

Event For Outfits

Some outfits can only be obtained from particular events. From time to time, devs of Dragon Raja publish the events in the game – make sure to participate in those events and grab the time-exclusive Dragon Raja Outfits.