Dragon Raja Guide Events

For the Events Schedule, Go into the Events section at the top of the main screen, then look at the top left. You will see:

  1. Calendar - to show you the events and timings for the week. 
  2. Alarm Clock - you can use it to set notifications for the events.

Make sure to also check the ''Trial'' and ''Limited Time'' section each day to not miss any timed events.


Dragon Raja See Dragonslayer Guide. Slay Dragons! Face a more difficult dragon after slaying each dragon. Progress as far as you can.

There are 3 difficulty modes, "Normal", ''Hard" and Challenge". There are 9 Dragons to slay for each mode.
Start from the first Dragon and slay as many as you can, until you slay all the dragons, or reach a Dragon that you are unable to kill.

When you reach a dragon that you are unable to slay, take note of why you failed.
(1) the timer ran out and the dragon was not defeated. This means, you lack DPS. Not much we can do about that. Work on our characters and try to do better each day!
(2) the dragon killed you. If this happens, try switching to TankPvE build to see if you can tank it out and continue to kill more dragons.

If the dragon kills you even with TankPvE build, then we will need to work on the characters and try again to do better each day.

You can attempt Dragon Slayer 2 times each day. After the first round, you can continue where you left off for the 2nd round. So you can do the first round with PvEDPS build,  and the 2nd round with TankPvE build. If you want to attempt it more times, you can also Purchase up to 5 more times using coupons.

As you progress up the ranks, you will come across more challenging stages that you won't be able to progress by pure Auto mode.

Half Dragon Warrior & Half Dragon Mage.

There will be 2 Dragon bosses. One of them is Ranged, and the other is Melee. If you kill them 1 by 1, you will not have enough time to finish the stage in time. So, you have to kill them together. Run to the Ranged Half Dragon Mage who will be stationary. the Half Dragon Warrior will follow you, so you can then kill them together.

Frost Spider and Spider Eggs

You will come across the Frost Spider Boss. But while killing it, you will realise that there are 2 spider eggs that keep spawning spider babies to kill you. After some time, there will be so many spider babies that you will die. So, we need to destroy both spider eggs first. Then, focus on killing the Frost Spider peacefully.


You can send your Ally on Bounty quests for a few hours at a time. Focus on the Purple/Gold bounty quests for better rewards. You can only refresh the Bounty quests for 3 times a day for Free, and you can complete up to 12 Bounty Quests a day.

To increase the chances of getting purple/gold quests, wait until 3 of the 4 quest slots are not purple/gold, then use the Refresh. This should give you at least 12 x purple/gold quests a day. If you wait for all 4 slots to be not purple/gold before you refresh, you may run out of time for the day.

There is also a chance to get a Red quest. but it is so rare. So if it happens, treat it as a bonus.


Dragon Raja Sea Devil Awake event. Team up to kill some monsters.

Form a party and be teleported to a map to kill monsters and get rewards.

At the end of the dungeon, the rubber ducky will give you some rewards.

Do note that even though the Events tab tells you that you can only do 2/2 runs, but you can actually do this dungeon up to 10 times.

The Rubber duck will only give you a prize for 2 runs. But, you can still get other dungeon rewards like EX Potions, D-Cypher Runes and Gold for up to 10 dungeon runs.

However, you will not be able to access the NPC via the Events Menu after 2 times. So, you will need to go to the Devil Awake NPC manually. He is located at 269,298 Cassell College.