Dragon Raja Fast and Furious tips. You race your car against other cars for one round around the circuit.

Choose the car called "Guide". This car has the highest Turning potential, and its other stats are decent. With "Guide", you will be able to make all the turns on the circuit without drifting. This gives you 100% control over the car during the whole race.
With "Guide", you also don't need to worry about turning angles. You can be on any lane, and still make the turn successfully no matter how sharp the turn is.

During the race, there are 5 buttons that you can press.

  • turn Left  
  • Turn Right 
  • Break 
  • Drift 
  • Boost.

The Acceleration is Automatic. So you do not need to press anything to move the car.
Everytime you make a turn and press the "Drift" button, the "Boost" button will activate.

With "Guide", you can ignore the Break button. Because it can make all the turns without slowing down, no matter how sharp the turn angle is.

With this knowledge, Here is a formula for how to finish tops:

When you start the race:

  1. Just go STRAIGHT to accelerate the fastest. The first turn is Key. Avoid slamming into any cars as much as possible!
  2. When turning, press the "Drift" button at the same time. Hold it down just enough to make the turn. After a few races, you will get a feel of it. Hold the "Drift" button down longer for sharper turns, and lesser for not so sharp turns. 
  3. When you make a turn with the "Drift" button, the "Boost" button will get activated. 
  4. Press the Boost button immediately after the turn. This should propel you ahead of all the other cars. 
  5. Steps (1) - (4) will complete before the next turn.
  6. Repeat steps (1)-(4) for all the other turns until the race is finished.

It you get ahead of the other cars from the first Turn, it is easy to stay ahead of them for the whole race with the above method. If you do it right, you should be able to finish the race below 50 seconds consistently.


Mario Cart version of Fast and Furious

In this race, you will race:

(1) the same circuit as Fast and Furious, but 2 laps

(2) against other real players

You will also have buffs that you can use on yourself like boost and immunity, or debuffs that you can cast on other players like slow, blind, etc. You will pick these up along the race.

This event only occurs on weekends.

Dragon Raja Irritated Blood

Dragon Raja Sea Irritated Blood event. Form a team of 5 and go kill some monsters!

​A pretty straight forward event. Form up in teams of 5 and enter the map to kill monsters. The event can be completed up to 5 times during the event duration. Enjoy the rewards.