Tips and Tricks on How to Play Yu Zhong

Some time ago Mobile Legends returned to bring a new hero named Yu Zhong. He is a Fighter hero who was previously introduced by the name Chong who has the ultimate skill turned into a large black dragon.

Because it is only present on the Mobile Legends original server, of course not many players know much less master Yu Zhong's hero. To help you understand and master the Black Dragon, here are the reviews we can give:

Passive - Cursing Touch

Yu Zhong has a passive skill called Cursing Touch. When exposed to an opponent, this ability will present a stack called Sha Essence.

This Sha Essence can be stacked up to as many as 5 and consumes 1 stack every 0.25 seconds. Each stack produces 40 (+ 30% Physical Attack) + 2% of the opponent's HP lost as Physical Damage, restores 8% of his lost HP and collects 8 Sha Essences for Yu Zhong.

When Sha Essence is fully charged, Yu Zhong will get 40% Movement Speed ​​and 20% Spell Vamp. During this period, Sha Essence can be recovered by dealing damage to an opponent.

Since Sha Essence will give effect when the stack is fully loaded, this will be very beneficial for Yu Zhong in 1v1 situations.

You can see how much Sha Essence has been collected under Yu Zhong's HP bar. When collecting Sha Essence, the bar will be white. When full, the color will change to purple and will gradually decrease.

Skill 1 - Dragon Tail

As for Yu Zhong's first skill named Dragon Tail that can bring damage area. When using this skill, Yu Zhong would turn his cloak into a weapon like a jagged iron plate. Enemies on the edge of the incision will receive the most physical damage than those in the middle of the round.

For opponents who are in the middle of the cloak, they will only be hit by 200 Physical Damage (+ 100% Physical ATK). While opponents who are at the end of the slice will get 250% damage and give Yu Zhong 2 stack Sha Essence.

Also, when this skill is used to attack minions, he will get an additional 40% from the Spell Vamp.

This Dragon Tail skill will make Yu Zhong's movements slow down a bit when turning his cloak. So you have to pay attention when the right time to use it. Luckily, you can maximize this skill because it has the lowest cooldown and great damage.

Skill 2 - Soul Grip

While Yu Zhong's second skill, Soul Grip, can pull all affected enemies and move towards the running hero. This Crowd Control (CC) skill can be a deadly weapon, if it is successfully carried out to several opposing heroes in a team fight and get an appropriate response from his colleagues.

When using this skill, Yu Zhong will release Dragon Soul and deal 150 Physical Damage (+ 120% Physical ATK) to all affected enemies and slow down their movements by 60% for 1 second. After hitting the target, Basic Attack Yu Zhong will next be upgraded and present 108 Physical Damage (+ 100% Total Physical ATK).

This Soul Grip is a skill shot, so remember to aim your target carefully! The slow effect that is presented can also be used to chase your opponent or is also useful when wanting to escape.

Skill 3 - Furious Dive

Yu Zhong's third skill, Furious Dive, has a very wide range of circles. When using this ability, he will jump to the specified location and deal physical damage and stun for 1 second and deal 180 Physical Damage (+ 90% Physical ATK).

The range of the Furious Dive skill is not far enough and has a lag time in the form of animation. that is, opposing heroes can avoid before Yu Zhong jumps.

The knock-up effect is also delayed, so if hit by an enemy on the outer edge of the Furious Dive skill, they have a great chance to escape. If you want to land a knock-up, position Yu Zhong so you can release it in the middle. Also use the slow effect of the Soul Grip skill to help you land Furious Dive.

Ultimate Skill - Black Dragon Form

Yu Zhong's ultimate skill, Black Dragon Form, allows him to transform into a giant black dragon for up to 7 seconds. When in this form, it can move quickly in the desired direction, can not be attacked by opponents or turrets, and can do damage to opponents who were hit by his head.

In the process of changing this form, Yu Zhong takes 0.6 seconds. In addition to being immune to enemy attacks, this skill can also increase its Max HP to 600 (+ 200% Physical ATK) and bring 200 Physical Damage (+ 80% of total Physical ATK) to the opponent's hero.

When he again turned into a human, every skill that Yu Zhong possessed would continue to increase, both in terms of range and damage for 10 seconds, as an effect of the dragon's strength still attached to him.

Tips and Tricks Playing Yu Zhong

Depending on your playing style, Yu Zhong has several options in choosing Emblems and Battle Spells. By taking Bravery, Invasion, and Festival of Blood under Emblem Fighter, you will get more attack damage and Spell Vamp that can increase his passive skills.

Meanwhile, if you choose Emblem Assassin, you have many options in playing. Agility will help you chase enemies better, while invasion will increase Physical Penetration. In the final tier, Bounty Hunter or Killing Spree can both help a lot.

In the case of the selection of Battle Spells, Flicker can make you more free in chasing opponents. Besides that Vengeance is also very good for diving into the opponent's back line.

While for built items, some items can be recommended when playing Yu Zhong, namely Magic Shoes, Bloodlust Ax, Blade of Despair, Orcale, Queen's Wings, and Immortality. The Bloodlust Ax that can deliver 20% Spell Vamp is Yu Zhong's core item.

Meanwhile, when you get a lot of damage from your opponent, you can exchange Orcale for physical defense items or even other damage items such as Endless Battle that benefits Yu Zhong in every aspect, of course, besides which regeneration.

When playing Yu Zhong, remember to always fill in the Sha Essence. Vamp spells can only appear when the stack is full or when the bar is purple and are very useful in initiating or winning team-battles. Good luck!