Not everyone can taste the alpha test LoL: Wild Rift for the good of game development.

Riot Games as the game developer League of Legends (LoL): Wild Rift, trying to tighten security when releasing alpha test from the new MOBA mobile game. They deleted many illegal accounts that successfully entered the game.

A large number of users seem to have managed to get access to the LoL: Wild Rift alpha test via an unofficial route. They revealed that they would delete all illegal accounts that entered LoL: Wild Rift without going through a direct invitation from their side ..

"To be honest: our servers and processes are not quite ready to handle a lot of players at the moment and we cannot accommodate many new players who will disrupt stability," said Riot Games as quoted by the official LoL: Wild Rift announcement.

Before launching the plan to deactivate the uninvited accounts, the development team has also warned players to avoid illegal downloads or by using other methods to have LoL: Wild Rift on their mobile.

Only those who are invited directly via email will be recognized as official alpha test testers with access to the game through the Google Play Store.

"We only invited a few players to alpha test. Currently the population consists of random pre-registration players (around 90%), and some content creators and streamers. We will continue to send invitations throughout the alpha test which will be aired until June 27 !, "wrote a statement on the LoL Twitter account: Wild Rift.

"Don't download anything suspicious and claim to be legitimate. The only way you get access is through the Google Play Store. There are no key giveaway, secret access codes, or transactions that will increase your chances. "

LoL Team: Wild Rift promises to launch more invitations for players from Brazil and the Philippines until the end of the alpha test on 27 June.