Ragnarok New Update eps 07: Luoyang

We will go to the latest chapter! In this update, we will go to the Unknown area, the "Asgard". From there more content will be available: new storie, new map and the latest Job 4th —— as well as the latest features to strengthen your character.

Ragnarok New Update eps 07: Luoyang

What's new in this update.

EP7.0 "Luoyang" is available. Let's protect the origin and evolve!

 - New view angles, graphic improvements and 3D experiences!

You can play with any angle and capture a more detailed story. We will also provide more character details, more emotions, customization and the most important is more skill effects.

 - New 4th-job Ascendancy, the origin job advance

4th-job jobs will be available for all classes. Adventurers can try all combinations of skills, equipment and party play.

 - Journey of adventure

This game will be available multiple linear story lines in the form of puzzle pieces. Adventurers can explore the glory history of Rune Midgarts at any time without the required level conditions.

- Play more games

Ranked 6v6 competition, Battle of Cake, Thanatos Tower, Echoing Corridor, Rich Content, Reduce the Chores, and New Daily.