New Skin Valhein: Shark Tamer Skin

Valhein has a look far from his trademark.

Arena of Valor's hero, Valhein, now has a cool new look in the Shark Tamer skin. With a sweet "Street Gear" style, the Demon Hunter now has a look that is far from the more interesting "dark" word.

With a bright orange color on the skin, it allows players to directly hit Valhein in a team fight. He also exchanged the black hat that was so distinctive with him for a pair of brightly colored glasses.

However, all the review does not cover everything. To fit the theme of "Water" on his skin, Valhein's pistol also got changed into a shark! Even Velhein's ability has also been updated with the unique and cool effects of this skin.

His Bloody Hunt ability made Valhein toss red light and cast a damage effect like a spark. Meanwhile, his Curse of Death skill has a cool blue effect that presents waves to attack the enemy.

Last but not least, Valhein's main skill, Storm Bullet, allowed him to fire six golden sharks at once at the opponent.

Valhein who is a long range hero is one of the most famous in the Arena of Valor. He is the first hero introduced to new players when he just started playing and is still relevant among other veteran heroes.