Moonton releases comics and animated trailers for Yu Zhong

In the story, he can get rid of Zilong, Ling, and Baxia in the blink of an eye.

In the near future, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players will welcome the newest hero named Yu Zhong. With a glimpse of his abilities, this Fighter hero will become one of the most overpowered (OP).

Yu Zhong was first introduced by Moonton through a video spotlight on the Mobile Legends 1.4.86 patch with the name Chong. At first glance, Moonton revealed some of the capabilities that Yu Zhong would bring to the gameplay.

Like the heroes in Mobile Legends and other MOBA games, Yu Zhong certainly has some skills. From some of its abilities, the most interesting and anticipated thing for players to try is that its ultimate, the Black Dragon Form, can make this character turn into a giant black dragon that can move quickly, inflicting damage to enemies, but is immune from attacks opponent.

Moonton releases comics and animated trailers for Yu Zhong

However, before Moonton did not reveal what the background and story behind Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends. Ahead of its release on June 19, 2020, Moonton has now released a comic to show its story.

In the comic explains the origin of Black Fierce Dragon, along with friends and opponents. We can also see that Yu Zhong ventured to go to the Dragon Altar to become one with The Great Dragon.

After becoming a Black Fierce Dragon, Yu Zhong gained strength like a god and the ability to turn into these mythological creatures.

In order to explain more about the story, Moonton also released Yu Zhong's animated video trailer in action. As the latest storyline from Oriental Fighters, Yu Zhong increases strength and faces other heroes like Ling, Zilong, Wanwan, and his own brother, Baxia.

In the video, the hero looks as if he has no chance to fight Yu Zhong after easily bringing down Zilong, Ling, and Baxia, and leaving Wanwan who cries sadly to see his friends die just before the Black Dragon returns to Cadia Riverlands as the ruler the newest.