Khaleed, The first Arabian hero in Mobile Legends

Khaleed, the new hero of the Arabian who will enliven Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Khaleed, The first Arabian hero in Mobile Legends

Heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang increasingly diverse. Soon a new hero will emerge that is somewhat unique because it has an Arabian background.

On the Mobile Legends server advance, a hero fighter named Khaleed has just appeared. An Arabic hero who uses a turban with a typical Arabic sword as the main weapon.

Not only that, Khaleed also has a secret weapon that is able to control the sand as he wishes. This hero is believed to be able to become a subscriber immediately because of the OP skills.

Khaleed's Passive Sand Walk enables Khaleed to walk on sand when Desert Power is fully charged. This can increase movement speed up to 30 percent and basic attacks afterwards can reach +120 total physical attacks.

Then skill 1, called Desert Tornado, is Khaleed making a spinning cc attack that can be done five times in a row in the intended direction.

Unique skill appears on skill 2, Quicksand Guard. This skill seemed to heal Khaleed. If you use HP and where Khaleed will be refilled as much as 70. After this process Khaleed attacks can make enemies 30 percent slow.

Finally the most special is of course its ultimate, Raging Sandstorm. Khaleed rides a sand wave that can move in the direction we want. These waves provide 150 + 80 physical attacks to the enemy and make them push. This skill is terminated by a stab by Khaleed who gives 200 physical attacks and stun enemies.

One of the special things about this ulti is that it can avoid turret attacks even though we direct the waves into the turret. Khaleed would only be hit by a turret when he descended from the sand waves.