How to adjust your sensitivity in CS: GO on Valorant

How to adjust your sensitivity in CS: GO on Valorant

Although it won't be as perfect as you would expect, it can help a lot to start playing Valorant.

How to adjust your sensitivity in CS: GO on Valorant

After the official launch of Valorant globally on Wednesday (3/6/2020), most gamers around the world tried this new FPS game created by Riot Games. As a result, the popularity of Valorant immediately sticks out among other FPS game titles by having an average of around 3 million players every day that has happened since the closed beta phase.

It is undeniable that Valorant has managed to attract many gamers from other shooting games to play. The declining number of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) players is the main indication.

There are many players, former players, and even streamers who choose to leave CS: GO and other similar games that have now received contracts from the esports organizations that make up the Valorant division, especially in the North American region.

But to switch from CS: GO to Valorant, the players would have to adjust many things that had been learned in terms of shooting skills in order to get the same playing experience as the previous game. One of the most important is setting sensitivity.

Through this script, we try to help you adjust the sensitivity settings that have been used when playing CS: GO to be applied to Valorant. The method is quite simple. After knowing your CS: GO sensitivity, the next step is to divide the number.

First, enter CS: GO and go to game settings. After that you can see the value sensitivity you need to note. While on the console, you can also find out by typing "sensitivity" and note the number that appears next to it.

Next, divide the number you get by 3.18. For example, if your CS: GO sensitivity is 2, then your sensitivity in Valorant is 0.63, the result of 2 divided by 3.18.

However, the sensitivity sensation that you will feel in Valorant will be slightly different from in CS: GO because there are many different points of view. You still need time to adapt.

While for Apex Legends players can also do the same steps with CS: GO to get the desired sensitivity in Valorant. However, this will be slightly different from Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege. To get the desired sensitivity in Valorant, Overwatch players must divide the sensitivity value by 10.6 while in Rainbow Six must divide it by 12.2.