Dragon Raja Guide: Voice Bond Tale Quest

Dragon Raja Guide: Voice Bond Tale Quest

Dragon Raja Guide: Voice Bond Tale Quest

Go to Hydras (106,220) then open your closet and change into a Kimono (Glazed Wind) that you have previously obtained from working on Main Quest. Look for the interaction buttons around the coordinates mentioned before to sit down until you get a call from Finger. If you don't get the scene, get up and try sitting back.

After the Voice Bond Tale is active, access Tale from the menu to start the quest and hear instructions from EVA. Go to Cassell College and meet Finger at (190,365). Talk to him until you are faced with 4 choices. Select the 'What's wrong?' Option then return to Hydras and talk to the Guardian there (152,224). Follow where the Guardian goes and talk to him again then wait for about 10 minutes. After that, go to Amaterasu Witch (349,213) to get the Exorcist Bell.

Go to Siberia Harbor and walk around the Christmas tree until you find the Exorcist Bell interaction button (251,217), if you don't find the intended interaction button, try coming later (around 10 AM or other time). Watch the cutscene and select the ‘Vera ?! Follow her. '

Check the coordinates (187,235), talk to the little girl who is there and defeat the wolf who is trying to attack him. Watch the cutscene then talk to Mio after you are teleported back to the original home. You will be invited to Tsukuyomi Prison to meet Amaterasu Witch (84.79). Follow the Witch, select the options as you like then accept the mission to save Hotaru.

Return to the Christmas tree in Siberia Harbor where you used the Exorcist Bell before. If no interaction buttons appear around the tree, go to Hydras and talk to Amaterasu Witch (353,212). If you don't see him there, try another time. Talk to Amaterasu Witch then return to the Christmas tree (around 10 AM).

Press the interaction button that appears so that you are teleported to Paradisio Outskirts. Talk to Hotaru at the coordinates (86.24) then look for the three items requested namely God's Festival (93.83) near the stairs, Blue Floral Diary (109.82) near the golden cat statue and Red Magatama (41.98 ).

Talk to Vera in Siberia Harbor then follow her out. Return to Hydras and meet Amaterasu Witch (353,212). Select the 'Magatama' option then 'Give out Gods' Festival' and 'Okay' to return to the Temple of Decrees at Tsukuyomi Prison.

Watch the cutscene with Mio and Hotaru then return to the Christmas tree in Siberia Harbor to ring the bell (around 10 PM). This time you will be teleported to the beach in Chizuru, talk to Hotaru who is there then follow until you lose his tracks. Cross the yellow barrier at (107,188) and pick up the God’s Festival 2 item.

Check the coordinates (107,212) and interact with the Ema Board that is there. Defeat Ichiro Aiba who attacks later when Hotaru appears, click on him to get temporary protection. After defeating the monster, go to (117,189) to take Mannequin. You will be teleported back to Siberia Harbor, contact EVA through the Tale menu then go to Hydras and meet Amaterasu Witch who is there. Select the 'This Mannequin ...' and 'Give out God’s Festival' options.

Contact EVA again and use Exorcist Bell to Christman Tree (Christmas tree) around 10 PM. This time you will arrive in Ehime Prefecture, talk to Mio and follow him in the direction (202,377). Watch the cutscene and select the 'Do something' option to fight Boss.

After defeating it, you will return to Siberia Harbor. Talk to Vera who is near you. Also talk to Ichiro then stand near Hotaru to activate the red Mannequin icon. Mio Aiba will come and run with Vera, select the ‘Vera option! Follow her! 'And pick up the Ice Flower at (164,125).

Return to Hydras and talk to Amaterasu Witch by selecting the 'Hotaru' option so that you are teleported to Tsukuyomi Prison. Move over to Mio and press the interaction button to place Red Magatama. Check the shining items on the table then go to the coordinates (77.76). Talk to Amaterasu Witch to answer some questions that will affect your personal stats while completing the Voice Bond Tale quest.