Dragon Raja Guide: Town Tale Quest

Dragon Raja Guide: Town Tale Quest

Dragon Raja Guide: Town Tale Quest

To start the Town Tale quest, go to Tokyo Metro Station then stand at the coordinates (354,219) and wait for the interaction icon to appear. The interaction buttons appear randomly but try around 01:00 - 02:00 AM or 01:00 - 02:00 PM. If it still doesn't appear, try it in rainy or sunny weather.

After the interaction icon appears, press to read the newspaper until you get the Town Anecdote Tale. Check the Tale menu and then access the Town Tale there. Call EVA then go to Ehime Prefecture and wait until the weather is cloudy at the coordinates (251,251). Talk to Masako when he appears there.

When talking with Masako, select the Masako Cheer up option and follow the next interactions such as Sing, Dance, Blow Bubble and Fireworks. After that, go see Hoodlum who is threatening Masako (253,266) the next day at around 01:00 AM or 01:00 PM. Press the interaction button that appears above the Hoodlum's head then select 'Go Help'.

Speak with Masako and go to her house at the coordinates (255, 215). Talk to Masako again (9.16) then watch a few cutscene. Check for some clues such as photos on the table (13.13), dog food in the corner (17.3) and trash can (17.17). After that, talk to Masako's mother and get out of her house.

Talk to Masako who is outside and select 'There are more'. Go to the coordinates (208,189) and put the basketball in the ring once until the interaction icon appears above Tatsuya Nakamura. Talk to him and select 'State your business' then ask all questions that appear like 'Glucosamine chondroitin, Over half of dog food left, A dog's fang that fell out and Loves to sleep'.

Return to Masako's house and talk to him at the coordinates (273,253) then select the 'There are more' option. Speak until Masako returns to the house and go towards the beach (315,256) then meet again Masako who is outside his house.

Wait the next day and talk to Masako at (257,198) on a rainy day. To find out when you can go there, call EVA. If EVA says that 'Masako is upset' then you need to wait but if EVA says if Masako sends a communication request then go see her.

Talk to Masako several times until he agrees to look for Jiro in Tokyo. Go to Tokyo and meet the Homeless Dog Rescue Team Member at the coordinates (182,337) during office hours between 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM. Go to Funfair and talk to Mr. Shore (388,208).

Return to Ehime Prefecture and talk to Masako (258,197). Look for clues to Jiro's whereabouts in the mountains filled with bamboo trees where you will find traces of blood (202,338), feathers (191,320), then check the coordinates (182,314). After that, go to the coordinates (169,315) to meet Jiro. Come back to Masako's house to complete this Town Tale.