Dragon Raja Guide: Supernatural Tale Quest

Dragon Raja  Guide: Supernatural Tale Quest

Dragon Raja  Guide: Supernatural Tale Quest

To begin the Supernatural Tale quest, go to Takamagahara and check the man at the coordinates (116.58). Talk to him and select the option ‘Who are you? What are you investigating? 'Then go to Chizuru and talk to Kuroko Matsuo (157,200) twice. Return to Takamagahara and talk to the servant there (84,40).

Play the minigame it offers then talk to the waiter so you can choose the opsi Interesting option. I'm going to Chizuru! ' Before leaving, talk to the waiter to get a special drink offer for $ 100 and buy it without further ado. This special drink only appears once in the Tale quest you are doing now so don't miss this opportunity!

Go to Chizuru and meet the Rampager near the basketball court (233,174). Talk to him and offer a drink, continue the conversation and select the 'What happened?' Option. Return to Matsuo and talk to him by selecting the 'Tell the rumors' option, walk a little to (204,215) until you see Ms. Nagai Go to (167,225) and pick up the box there, open the box from the inventory to get Empty Vial.

Next, go to Sumeru Throne and give Empty Vial to Haruki Yoshino (113,121) for further investigation. Apparently, the bottle contained Death Servitor Serum. Return to Chizuru and talk to Matsuo. Go to the house near the basketball court (238,213), check the tag there and talk to Matsuo who is next to you to watch the cutscene. Defeat Shinya Matsuo and talk back to Kuroko Matsuo to complete the Supernatural Tale quest.