Dragon Raja Guide: Music Box Tale Quest

Dragon Raja Guide: Music Box Tale Quest

Dragon Raja Guide: Music Box Tale Quest

To access the Music Box Tale quest, you need to go to Cassell College near the basketball court. Head left near the telephone booth to the door (213,471). After climbing the stairs, you will hear a scream from inside, knock on the door to accept the task where you are asked to open the door that is locked from the inside.

Go to the library and check the bookcase with a large red magic circle. Check the second bookcase from the right then read the book 'Unlock Your Unlocking Skills'. Next, go back to the locked door and use the book to get the Lockpicking skill, open the door and defeat the two guards that appear after saving Arnoia then meet Arnoia and talk to her.

Go to the Garden behind the Cassell College building (226,164) where you can see Arnoia standing near the tree. Talk to him then return to the library to find the music box next to the Geography bookshelf. Take the Music Box and then check the bookshelf on the right (Magic) and take a book titled 'List of Missing Persons'. Put the book back and talk to Professor Manstein who appeared.

Exit the library down the stairs until you see a small resting place where there are two servants. Here you will see two people who talked about Arnoia and Lisha before they left. Sit on one of the benches until one of the servants brings drinks so you can get Lisha Memory.

If the waiter does not give you drinks as you should, you can try to stand up and sit down again. Also make sure the weather is sunny or you are there around 06:00 AM - 10:30 AM or noon around 12:00 PM. It is recommended to keep the Expired Carbonated Water drink provided.

Next, meet Arnoia at the coordinates (356, 313) then talk to Manstein until you can press the EX button to open the box. Talk to Arnoia and Manstein once more then go to the library.

While in Siberia Harbor, check the weather report to find out when Aurora appeared. When the time comes, Arnoia will witness the Aurora and this Music Box quest will be finished after you talk to her. Check the Music Box to read the last message. To see the progress of the Tale that you have completed, press the Q icon on the right side of the Quest list then select Tale.