Dragon Raja Guide : Midnight Voice Tale Quest

Dragon Raja Guide : Midnight Voice Tale Quest

Dragon Raja Guide : Midnight Voice Tale Quest

Unlike the Music Box Tale quest or Supernatural Tale which is a series of Gold Tale quests, Midnight Voice Tale is a series of Silver Tale quests. Go to Colby's Breeding Room (where the Affinity is raised) then go to the exit there.

Return to the elevator and press the elevator button when the clock shows 12:00 AM or midnight then select the 'Go Upstairs' option. Here you will find a secret room that looks scary (if you fail to find a secret room, try again at the same time the next day).

Check the television in the room then activate Vision. You will see footprints near the television (likely to affect Trait characters such as Cutie, Realistic, Fully Focused, etc.), if you cannot see the footprints, return the next day.

Touch the footprints until you watch a short cutscene then check the television to see 3 options that you should choose, namely:
  • No Sadako Yamamura on the TV, I guess 
  • Switch channels 
  • Turn the TV off
Select the options as you wish then return to the room by pressing the elevator button (activate Vision). Now the footprints are visible in the left side of the room. Touch the footprints and touch the shoes also until you are faced with two choices for wearing the right or left. Choose as you like until you accept the Go Deeper quest.

There is nothing you can do next but wait for the event to appear. Wait (don't forget to activate Vision) until you see a girl appear next to the wall (at night).

Talk to him until you are faced with 3 choices:

  • I'll play with you forever 
  • Okay 
  • Don't

The first answer will get you out of the room + you will get a tape that reads "Do not watch alone at night" in an inventory that sounds scary.