Best Build Item Selena: Mobile Legends

Selena is one of the favorite heroes of many Mobile Legends players, including those who are professional players.

Best Build Item Selena: Mobile Legends

Hero Assassin / Mage is often picked and banned at the highest level such as Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) because of its ability to be a differentiator.

Selena is very dangerous because it has the Abyssal Arrow (second skill) that is able to give Crowd Control effect in the form of stun with a very long duration, which is 0.5 to 3 seconds, when compared to other similar skills and Magical Damage.

In addition, Selena also has the first Abyssal Trap skill that allows her to put traps with a slow effect of 40 percent for two seconds and presents Magical Damage.

With these abilities, it is very natural that Selena is a favorite of many players. This hero also became one of the most played in MPL Indonesia Season 5 last 34 times, where Darknesss from Aura is the most frequently used in the event eight times.

Some other big name Indonesian Legends pro players who are quite identical to Selena are Luminaire from EVOS Legends. Although he only saved twice using this hero, but he has a winrate of 100 percent.

However, Selena can be very frightening if the user knows the build items needed to have high damage and mobility in the game. The following are recommendations for building Selena items that can be tried.

Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes can effect +40 Movement Speed ​​and +30 Mana Regen. This can make Selesa have high mobility and which are "inexhaustible" to continue to spam skills.

Necklace of Durance

Necklace of Durance can add +60 Magic Power, + 5% Cooldown Reduction, and + 10% Magical Lifesteal. This item can also reduce the regeneration effect by 50% for 3 seconds of the enemy's hero damage skill.

Calamity Reaper

When the game has entered midgame, Calamity Reaper can be an option because it can add +70 Magic Power, +100 Mana, +30 Mana Regen and + 10% Cooldown Reduction. After using the skill, Selena's next basic attack will deal additional True Damage equal to 120% Magic Attack.

In addition, the Calamity Reaper can also increase Selena's mobility because it can have a 10% Movement Speed ​​effect.

Winter Truncheon

In order to have thick defense and HP to take damage from opponents, Winter Truncheon can be the best choice because it has +60 Magic Power, +25 Physical Defense, and +400 HP effects.

Winter Truncheon also has a unique passive that can cause the Freeze effect when used. This effect will be very useful when Selena becomes the main target of the opposing team. This item also has an immune effect against all damage and debuffs from your opponent for 2 seconds.


The fifth item that you can buy when the game enters the lategame is Immortality to increase defense, given that your opponent's heroes already have considerable damage. Immortality can add +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense attributes.

This Immortality item also has a passive which allows the user hero to rise again after being dropped by an opponent after two seconds, even though it only has 15% of MAX HP and shields that can absorb 300-1000 damage.

Divine Glaive

The ultimate item that can complement Selena's power is the Divine Glaive. This Magic item can increase the +65 Magic Power stat and + 40% Magical Penetration. When Selena's HP has 70% or more remaining, this Divine Glaive can increase the hero stats even greater by 30% as a passive.

Thus the recommended bulid items that you can try when using Selena. However, whether or not the build item is suitable will depend on how to play and the role that is being played. If you play Selena as a support like Luminaire, then the order of items will need to be different.