Throughout 2020, Pharsa became one of the heroes who entered the META Mobile Legends. Besides being widely used by players in Ranking mode, this Mage hero is also often the mainstay of the pro players in the Indonesia Season 5 Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) tournament.


Throughout MPL Season 5, Pharsa became one of the most used heroes. The total owner of the ultimate skill Feathered Air Strike has 38 appearances and is played by 21 different players, with Clay from Genflix Aerowolf being the most frequently used it five times.

As a result, Pharsa also became a favorite hero of the players in Ranking mode. This makes us ApkGuider interested in providing recommendations on item builds that are compatible with this hero, where it is often used as Support.

  • Magic Shoes

In playing MOBA games, shoe items are the main choice to have immediately. Magic Shoes was chosen because in addition to being able to increase movement speed by +40, this item can also add the 10% Cooldown Reduction attribute that is needed in spam skills.

  • Enchanted Talisman

As a support, Pharsa really needs Enchanted Talisman. This Magic item can add +50 Magic Power, +250 HP, and + 20% Cooldown Reduction which is very useful in the early game phase.

On the other hand, Enchanted Talisman can also regenerate Maximum Mana by 12% every 10 seconds. Thus, which is "always available" and short cooldown skills make him more flexible in spam skills.

  • Clock of Destiny

To be more flexible in spamming skills, while increasing the pain damage that is presented, Pharsa can use the Clock of Destiny item because it adds +60 Magic Power, +615 HP, and +600 Mana.

With this Clock of Destiny, Pharsa can also get an additional HP of +30 and +5 Magic Attack every 30 seconds. When it's maximum, Pharsa will also get an additional 5% Magic Attack and 300 Mana.

  • Concentrated Energy

As the game dissolves and the damage and opponent's HP get bigger, Pharsa needs Concentrated Energy to add +70 Magic Power, +700 HP, and the + 25% Magical Lifesteal attribute. The unique passive of this item can also make Pharsa recover HP by 10% when bringing down an opponent.

  • Glowing Wand

The Glowing Wand item could be the next choice for Pharsa. This magic item can increase +75 Magic Power, +400 HP, and + 5% Movement Speed. In addition there is also apasif given this item, the damage skill will cause the Burn effect to the target for 3 seconds and give 1% of the opponent's Max HP as Magic Damage per second.

  • Blood wings

Finally, Blood Wings could be the best choice for Pharsa because it can add +150 Magic Power and +500 HP. Besides this Blood Wings can be considered the last item that must be purchased by the Mage hero because it can increase 1.5 HP for each additional 1 Magic Power.

The following are item build recommendations for Pharsa heroes that you can try yourself while playing, especially when playing a role as Support. All of the above items you can also modify again if you want to focus on thickening the damage so it hurts even more to your opponent's hero.