Since it was first present and can be used in the Mobile Legends tournament, the Carmilla hero immediately has a place in the hearts of the players. In fact, this Supoort hero has become a choice field in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Season 5.


As a Support, Carmilla is somewhat overpowered (OP). The skills possessed by Carmilla are indeed not much different from other Supports, such as the ability to reduce enemy defense or the effect of crowd control. However, the location of Carmilla's main advantage lies in her ultimate skill, Curse of Blood.

When cast by Carmilla at the enemy, this skill will deal magic damage and slow effects, and move four times to the four other nearby heroes.

This makes Carmilla the mainstay of the pro players in the MPL Season 5. The proof is that throughout the tournament, the hero who was told as a lover of Cecilion was chosen 64 times and almost always present on the ban list in every match.

This makes this Carmilla hero very attractive among Mobile Legends players. We try to give recommendations on the right item build that is worth trying for players to play Carmilla as Support. 

Here are the reviews:

  • Tough Boots 

Like other heroes, Carmilla also needs shoe items to increase movement speed. However, Tough Boots are chosen from all the available shoes because this item can increase magic resist and reduce the crowd control effect. But if the opposing team does not have a hero with crowd control skills (though rarely found), Warrior Boots can be a better choice.

  • Glowing Wand

As a Support hero who can deliver magic damage, Carmilla needs items that can increase magic attacks. One of the most suitable items for Carmilla is Glowing Wand. The passive effect of this item can burn targets every time Carmilla uses a skill. In addition to magic attacks, Glowing Wand can also increase maximum HP and movement speed which is very useful for Carmilla.

  • Athena Shield 

Because of Carmilla's main role as Supoort, she needs high defense to help her team. The best item for this is Athena Shield. This item can increase maximum HP, magic resist, and HP regeneration. Athena Shield can also provide additional shielding that can absorb up to 1,150 damage.

  • Oracle 

The next defense item most suitable for Carmilla is Oracle. Although this item is rarely used, Oracle is great when used by Carmilla and combined with Athena Shield! Oracle can increase the max max HP, magic resist, and reduce cooldown. Passive skills from Oracle can also increase shield absorption and HP regeneration by 25 percent.

  • Concentrated Energy 

To ensure Carmilla can deliver damage, you can use Concentrated Energy items. This item can increase magic attack, max HP, and spell vamp. In addition, the passive skill of this item can also restore 10 percent of HP after dropping an enemy.

  • Immortality 

The last item that is very important for Carmilla is Immortality which can increase max HP and magic resist. Another advantage of this Immortality is that it can revive Carmilla after being killed, even though it only has 15 percent of max HP.

Thus the item build recommendations for Carmilla which can be a reference for Carmilla players in Mobile Legends. But, of course this is not standard alias can still be created again, according to the conditions of the game and your playing style. Good luck!