5 heroes with important roles in Mobile Legends

Prestige of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang since the release of 2017 continues to increase. This game enthusiast continues to grow.

5 heroes with important roles in Mobile Legends

Not just fans, but the professional scene of Mobile Legends is also growing. Starting from the official campus tournament to the international world has happened in this game.

The heroes in Mobile Legends are also increasingly diverse. In the last few months, Moonton has even released new heroes almost every month.

More and more options, combinations for getting the most effective meta are often seen in professional scenes.

Even many heroes are used multirole, or not just in one role. Indeed there are some effective and quite versatile heroes, so they have many uses.

Here we try to choose the five most multirole heroes who can play in 3-4 different roles in Mobile Legends. The following are:


The most useful hero in Mobile Legends. In fact, he can play in almost all roles, whether off-line, tank, support, mid, to carry.

Normally X-Borg is indeed an offlaner. But he also effectively guarded his partner as a mid tank, or even a support side. Even when M1, Japan uses X-Borg as a carry mid which is quite successful. This hero besides sustain, has constant dangerous damage.


Esmeralda might only be played as a midlaner. But, now, people more often use Esmeralda on the offlaner because he is fast in clearwave and can fight strong heroes well.

In addition, Esmeralda also doesn't really need a buff when using emblem support. So that even though it doesn't become the main damage dealer, he can make it difficult in the category. Seeing that HP is very thick, Esme is actually also slick to be support. Moreover, Mage's support is currently in the MLBB the last few months.


A hero who might initially be rarely seen in competitive scenes. But since dibuff, Hanzo is now one of the customers who picks at the tournament to rank.

Hanzo became a hero who can play in various roles because of the very annoying skills. Mainly he is a hard carry and offlaner. But, skill 2 and the skill of stealing jungles until the buff can make it perfect as support. As long as the player is able to maintain a safe distance.


Hero Mage which can also be played anywhere. A figure with very painful damage doesn't even need to have a buff. He also has excellent escape skills, so he can be played anywhere.

So far, Pharsa is more often a support or offlaner. Although if used as midlaner damage, he is also qualified. But like Hanzo, the Pharsa player's positioning must be perfect so as not to fall asleep at the ultimate.


One of the independent assassins whose damage is really sick. Indeed Helcurt carry is still the priority of some players. But, early sick damage and its ultimatum which blackens the enemy map, can be very useful.

Helcurt can be used as an offlaner, because it is an independent assassin with qualified escape skills. In fact, he can be support if desired. There's a lot that the team can do if they just want to use Ultimate Helcurt to scoop up enemies.