What's new in PUBG season 13

New things that will be present at PUBG season 13

What's new in PUBG season 13

As usual, the arrival of the new season will come along with updates that bring a series of new changes which are certainly very interesting for the players.

New area at Miramar

In this Season 13 PUBG Mobile update, the Miramar map will get something new, namely two new areas named Oasis and Ruins. Not only a new area, reportedly looting in this area will also be even more tantalizing for the players.

Mirado Gold

Back related to the Miramar map, another new thing that will be present at the Season 13 PUBG Mobile update is a vehicle called the Gold Mirado. This vehicle will be very rarely encountered by the players because there will only appear one fruit in each game. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the advantages of this Gold Mirado when compared to other vehicles.

Vending Machine

In this update will also present new things that make the players can get energy drinks through a vending machine. If you're lucky, you can immediately get eight energy drinks.

Canted Sight

After waiting for so long because it appeared in the PC version of du PUBG, now players can use Canted Sight. By using this new item, players can easily fight for short and long distances without needing to change the scope first

Scope for Win 94

Since it first appeared at PUBG Mobile, it can be said that Win 94 is one of the most unpopular weapons. How come? As a sniper weapon, Win 94 cannot be combined with scope. In Season 13, Win 94 will have a 2.7x scope which will make it easier for players to aim at enemies.

New Weapon P90

New weapons will also be present at the PUBG Mobile Season 13 update, which is P90. But this weapon will only appear in Arena Mode.

Result Details

In terms of user interface (UI), Season 13 PUBG Mobile will present Result Details that will show all the details that you have done while in the game. You can use this feature to see shortcomings that have been made during play as a guide in subsequent matches.