Ultimatum for cheaters on Mobile Legends

Ultimatum for cheaters on Mobile Legends

Ultimatum for cheaters on Mobile Legends

Cheater became a major nuisance in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. There are some parties who choose shortcuts through cheater for certain purposes.

The problem of cheater actually appeared and was crowded several years ago. But, now this is sticking out again.

Indeed a lot has happened lately especially about cheater that makes framing in ingame, lag, and all kinds of problems.

Moonton has even given penalties to tens to hundreds of cheaters reported by certain parties.

Recently, Mobile Legends has again made an ultimatum for cheaters. This they revealed in the @mobilelegendsgame Instagram account.

There are four points confirmed by Moonton. The following are:
  • The cheater squad will be reduced to rank and MMR depending on the level of cheating they do. 
  • Cheaters will be investigated. Low-level cheaters will be reprimanded and removed by all MMRs from their heroes. They will be banned when cheating again. 
  • Meanwhile, heavyweight cheaters will be banned and cleaned by all the MMR heroes. The sentence depends on the length or how often he cheats. 
  • There is the potential for a cheaters in a lifetime, when he is caught doing a cheat streak.

Moonton also stressed that all players must respect the existing rules and not take advantage arbitrarily. Each player can also report cheating players.