Tips on choosing the best battle spells on Harith

The Best Battle Spells on Harith

Speaking of one of the most popular heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Harith is certainly in the top row.

It's nothing, Harith is a truly terrible mage. Using this hero is a little tricky and somewhat difficult. If you are not a player who does have agility and fast hands, it's hard to maximize Harith.

However, if you are a pro Harith and are very happy to use it, it is almost certain that you can carry the team alone.

Cooldown skills become the main need to be made by Harith. Most of Harith's nerds / buffs are related to their CD skills.

Because, Harith always uses all three skills as a combo. So players must be very thorough when Harith can actually spam skills so that Age of Force as the ultimate can be effective.

Then, what is the best battle spell for this boy mage? The two main choices are arguably only these two options for Harith are retribution and purify.

Although we believe 80 percent of Harith players will prefer retribution. Why? Because the use of which is needed Harith. He is without a blue buff Like a vegetable without salt.

No doubt, retribution is the main option. But, if you are very confident in using Harith and have qualified supports that can guarantee a safe jungle, purify can be an option.

Purify is useful for dealing with cc heroes who are clearly a problem for Harith. Moreover, Harith's counters are indeed those who have significant cc. Call it Khufra and Kaja. Purify at least can help Harith free from that problem.

In your opinion, what is the best spell for Harith?