The presence of Map Erangel version 2.0 PUBG Mobile

The most favorite map on PUBG Mobile finally gets an upgrade, Erangel 2.0. 

The presence of Map Erangel version 2.0 PUBG Mobile

Basically, the map is Erangel which has improved graphics quality and added several new features.

Erangel 2.0 was first introduced at the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Spring Split 2019 which was held in Germany. But since then, no news has ever been heard about the map.

Then recently, PUBG Mobile India's official Twitter account uploaded four photos of the map chunks while asking the question "guess what will come?"

The four photos are puzzle pieces, if the pieces are arranged correctly, an Erangel map will be formed. In other words, PUBG Mobile India has confirmed the arrival of the latest version of the Erangel map.

The presence of Map Erangel version 2.0 PUBG Mobile

There will be many additions to Erangel 2.0 including buildings, objects, and features. New buildings added are squad houses, third-story houses, and tall buildings. Uniquely, players will find hidden bunkers in some large buildings, bunkers that are additional entry and exit points.

While the new objects presented are cannons, damaged tanks, damaged cars, and wooden fences. These objects can be a shelter during a shootout.

In terms of graphics, this map gets a significant increase. Erangel 2.0 provides a realistic picture of an area that was once a battlefield. In addition, this map will get the addition of an ultra-graphic setting feature that will improve the quality of the texture.

There has been no confirmation regarding the exact date of the launch of Erangel 2.0, however, it is likely that the map will be released in the nearest PUBG Mobile update later.