The Latest Mode of CoD Mobile One vs One

One vs One officially became the latest mode in Call of Duty: Mobile

One-vs-One officially became the latest mode in Call of Duty: Mobile. This mode can only be played in Saloon, an exclusive map that is only available on CoD: Mobile.

The Saloon Map, which is the One-vs-One mode stage, is also the smallest map and will only be available for a limited period of events.

One-vs-One mode is played in a best-of-three format with seven target kills in each round. This will make the game run fierce because those who lose still have a chance in the second round.

Uniquely, each player is given the freedom to choose any weapon in the first round. Then in the second round, the losing player is given the opportunity to arrange several weapon loadouts to use, while the winning player gets a random weapon loadout from the chosen weapons arrangement.

This unique system is an advantage for players who master certain classes of weapons.

Along with the coming of One-vs-One mode, Activision stated that if the next update will not pass the test phase on the test server as is usually done in previous updates.

This update notes also convey information about the teaser from the next update, Activision stated that the teaser will be present in the near future.