The best gameplay of the Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja Guide for the best Gameplay

The best gameplay of the Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja Tips #1: Dragonslayer 

  1. There are Elite Fight Medals and Dragonslayer Fight Medals. 
  2. Elite Fight Medals are earned by default. Increase medal level to claim elite rewards. If you have Dragonslayer Fight Medals, you can still claim elite rewards along with dragonslayer rewards. 
  3. Fight Medal levels are 1-100. Each level raised requires 10 Medal EXP.

[Dragon Hunt Pts Info]

  1. Starting a stage consumes Dragon Hunting Force in the Dragon Hunting and you can get high-end rewards including more EXP, Gold and Items. 
  2. If you don't or can't use Dragon Hunt Pts, normal rewards are earned instead, up to 24 times daily. 
  3. 24 Dragon Hunt Pts can be auto-obtained daily. 
  4. Auto obtained Pts cannot exceed 250. Stored Dragon Hunt Pts cap

Dragon Raja Mobile Tips #2: Contest Club.

  1. When Contests and Emergency! Protect the Club Leader events end, a club auction will be available. The more members joining the event, the more items sold. Only club members may join. 
  2. When club auction ends, world auction will begin, lasting 20 min. Items not sold in the club auction are sold here, and non-club members can join as well. 
  3. Buyout auctions are closed immediately; you don't have to wait for the auction to end. 
  4. Each bid temporarily deducts tickets. If you are outbid by others, you can claim your refunded Coupons at Your Bids. Sold items are sent via mail. 
  5. When world auction ends, all revenue from auctions are distributed as Bonus Share to all participating players (Interns, members on vacation and members who've joined for < 24H can't claim Bonus Share. If you leave the event halfway, or aren't part of the event during its tally, the club's auctioned items will be affected, and you can't claim its Bonus Share)

Dragon Raja Tips #3: [Event Calendar].

  1. Players can join events in Cassell's Timetable to earn rewards and improve their abilities.
  2. Some events are available at specific times, so check details to confirm event opening times. 
  3. Events with award solo EXP. 
  4. There is a daily cap to Solo EXP, so consider which events to join. 
  5. Other reward gains are not affected even when you hit the Solo EXP cap. 
  6. Events that share the daily Solo EXP cap include Ace Trip Devil Awake Crazy Adventure Dragonslayer Cross Server Battle Fast and Furious Career Relation

Dragon Raja Tips #4: About Salary.

Every 00:00 at Mon, you can claim the salary depending on your performance. Interns and members on vacation don't get salaries Factors impacting Personal Salary:
  1. Prev. week's Contribution. 
  2. Historical Contribution 
  3. Prev. week's position (at settlement) 
  4. Exchequer building level 
  5. Club members' Activity and event participation rate Join club events! Note: Rewards are retained for a week and are cleared every Mon at 00:00. Claim them quick!

Dragon Raja Tip #5: Personality. 

[Info on Personalities] 

Everyone has their own personality. Some are active and lively, some are calm and cool.

( Personality Cultivation ) 

While progressing the main story and anecdotes, every choice you make could possibly have an impact on your personality. Just follow your mind and instinct, and take actions that match yourself the most. Effects of Personality)

Your personality might become a key to unlock certain anecdotes. Players with different personalities may trigger various anecdotes. You will write a story that only belongs to yourself.

(Personality Colors) 3 specific personalities will form one Personality Color.

Decipher the code of the Personality Color to gain insight on human mind and thus improve your communication and social ability.

Unlock Personality Colors to earn exclusive titles. Continue to cultivate 3 new personalities to evolve your Personality Color to the next level and earn new titles and exclusive emoji.