Some facts about Ragnarok Frontier that must be known

5 Things You Need to Know About Ragnarok Frontier

Ragnarok Frontier

Ragnarok Frontier is an MMORPG game developed by Gravity and is one of the newest Cross-Play games today.

Let's just look at a few things about this Ragnarok Frontier game:

  • Classic Display

Ragnarok Frontier Gameplay With Classic Appearance

The Ragnarok Frontier MMORPG comes with a 2 Dimension display which means it does not add or change the point of view of the previous versions.

The classic look might be a characteristic that remains attached to this version of Ragnarok.

  • Complex Features

You can visit the location you want just by touching the map

In this version of Ragnarok, there are several features that are presented and different from previous versions.

Like multi-characters, full auto battle and uniquely you can visit the map that you are aiming for with just one touch.

However, some features were also removed from the previous version, such as manual battle.

To improve weapons, skills or wings that are used, players will be given limited resources in this game.

  • Full Auto-Battle

Ragnarok Frontier uses a full auto-play system

The auto-battle feature itself is indeed an advantage for those who don't want to be busy with the gadget.

But if all battles take place automatically and out of control of the game, what will the player do?

In this game, players can only access game features, increase weapon strength, character strength, and arrange the order of skills used.

And you can't control the battle manually in this game.

On the other hand this feature makes gameplay more repititive and boring.

  • Multi Character

You can use several characters simultaneously in this game

In this game, you will find differences with previous versions.

That is a feature where you can use several characters at the same time.

With each CP according to the progress of their strength, the players can prioritize which characters they want to strengthen first.

To unlock additional character slots, players only need to collect points from the Adventure Journal.

Each character can be customized according to your wishes.

  • VIP system

The existence of a VIP system seems to signify the existence of a pay-to-win system in a game.

Those of you who use the VIP system will get more features or priorities.

And conversely players who do not use the VIP system, might make their characters longer to make them stronger.

The pay-to-win side usually only touches secondary needs in the game, such as cosmetics.

But in this game does not apply things like that, players can spend more money to increase the strength of their characters.