NetEase Celebrates LifeAfter's First Birthday

NetEase Collaborates with Panji Adventurers to Celebrate LifeAfter's First Birthday

NetEase Celebrates LifeAfter's First Birthday

Being one of the biggest in the gaming industry, NetEase, Inc., a game publisher that has presented a zombie survival MMORPG mobile game titled LifeAfter. This February 2020, has been going on for a year after the launch of LifeAfter globally. After its successful launch, many players have liked this game and have reached 100 million downloads so far. Luckily at the beginning of 2019, game lovers in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, can already enjoy the excitement of the game LifeAfter.

LifeAfter is a survival-themed game with a background in the future with the destruction of the world caused by Zombie Apocalypse. This game also embraces many features that make the players will not be bored with the content that will be presented in it. At the beginning of the game will provide a lot of introductions of the latest features such as cutting down trees, digging rocks, harvesting plants around and even fight. This is useful later to get natural resources to survive in a really harsh environment.

Confused as to what natural resources will be collected? Later it will be useful to make buildings, weapons, and even ammo. Relax, everything will be explained slowly in the game so that the players do not have difficulty to follow the flow of the game and its features.

One of the points of survival game is to survive from enemy attacks and the main enemy of this game is zombies, later you will be required to build a house and make it as safe as possible from zombie attacks that have different waves of attack, even there will be a dangerous monster Lazarov which is enough to give a tough battle to the players.

Build your own house to stay solid, and build a balcony so you can pick zombies from above before it can attack directly to the player, even all the interiors can be researched and made if you have opened a certain level. On this first birthday, LifeAfter, Netease, Inc. , collaborating with one of the famous Survivor Youtuber in Indonesia, Panji Petualang. The concept used by LifeAfter to celebrate its first birthday is somewhat different from other mobile games. LifeAfter collaborates with Panji Adventurer together to conduct "Charity" or charity activities with

NetEase Celebrates LifeAfter's First Birthday

LifeAfter and Panji, in this case, will try to provide a better life and happiness to Mrs. Mul and family. The disadvantaged condition owned by Ibu Mul moved LifeAfter and Panji Adventurer to improve their residence. Because it is known that the residence of Mrs. Mul and her family is not a proper residence to live in. Ms. Mul is a mother of 6 children who fought alone since her husband died a few years ago. Inadequate housing conditions made the situation of Mrs. Mul's family even more alarming. The situation of Ibu Mul's house with a leaky roof and also without sanitation, invited a team from LifeAfter and Panji adventurers, to provide assistance to Mrs. Mul and her family. The team from LifeAfter and Panji adventurers to build proper sanitation also rebuilt the residence of Ibu Mul. The team built sanitation, a proper kitchen, a room with a decent bed and also provided a chicken coop to raise livestock.

In this collaboration between LifeAfter and Panji Adventurer, the inaugural video of the journey undertaken by Panji Adventurer and Netease, Inc. will be aired on March 2, 2020 on LifeAfter's Official Channel and also the Official Channel of Panji Adventurers.

Let's watch the full video only on the Panji Adventurer Channel and Official LifeAfter!

Keep playing the game and fight on your adventure !!