Mobile Legends New Update new buff, nerf, and skin from patch 1.4.76

Heroes who get new buffs, nerds, adjustments, and skins from the 1.4.76 Mobile Legends patch

Mobile Legends New Update new buff, nerf, and skin from patch 1.4.76

Moonton as game developer for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has now released a new patch to bring changes and new things into the game. From this update, several heroes get a change.

These changes are given in terms of increasing ability (buff), decreasing ability (nerf), adjustment, and new skin.

In this update, there are three heroes who get buffs. They are Badang, Chang'e, and Hayabusa. While the heroes who get nerf are Uranus, Gord, and Khufra.

This change is believed to change the current META, especially in Hayabusa, Uranus, and Khufra which are so often used in the highest competitive scenes.

Meanwhile there are seven heroes who get adjusted. They are Freya, Popol and Kupa, Yu Zhong (Chong), Masha, Miya, Zilong, and Yi Sun Shin.

While the hero-gero who get a new skin in this update are Grock (Rhino) and Silvana (Midnight Justice). This has received much acclaim from players, especially for those Silvana users.

In addition to the hero, there is one item in this update that gets nerf, which is Endless Battle. But until now there has been no detail disclosed by Moonton of all these changes.

We just look forward to whether this change will also have a direct impact on META available in the Mobile Legends competitive scene today.