Mobile Legends : Guide to Using Hero Popol and Kupa

How Pro Players Use Hero Popol and Kupa

Mobile Legends : Guide to Using Hero Popol and Kupa

The first two-in-one hero present at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Popol, is a Marksman character who is told to come from Iceland and can rely on his best friend a wolf named Kupa to play effectively.

If you want to know how it feels to take care of a pet, then try using Popol and Kupa to find the true meaning of friendship.

Passive - Iceland Companions

Popol always fought side by side with Kupa. Popol must be able to treat Kupa well. If Kupa doesn't get damage in 5 seconds, 10% of her maximum HP will gradually recover every second.

When Kupa dies, Popol can revive him within 3 seconds by using his first skill with cooldown for 45 seconds.

After 4 consecutive attacks launched by Kupa on the enemy, Popol's basic attack will increase (+ 200% Total Physical Attack) extra Physical Damage. While Kupa will receive 100% of Max HP Popol and other attributes, as well as the effects of items (except active items, jungling, and roaming).
  • The presence of Kupa is very important for Popol to be able to bring out his maximum ability. Without Kupa, Popol's ability as a Marksman would be reduced by more than 50% from the initial design. 
  • In terms of gameplay, you can only control Popol. While Kupa can only be controlled by the skills that Popol has. 
  • Care for your friends! It's important to always maintain Kupa's health bar. 
  • Calling Kupa is takes a long time, which is 3 seconds. So make sure you do it in a safe place. 
  • Similar to Aurora, the indicator under your HP bar shows the number of automatic attack stacks. Use these attacks to important targets.

Skill 1 - Bite ‘Em, Kupa

This skill can make Popol throw a spear at the target with physical damage 40/70/100/130 (+ 100% Total Physical Damage) and instruct Kupa to bite the target by bringing Physical Damage 240/270/300/330 (+ 60% Total Physical Damage) for 3 seconds.

In Alpha Wolf form: Kupa attacks ferociously, presenting stun for 1 second, and 3 fast bites.
  • Kupa cannot be separated from Popol. Most of the damage comes from Kupa which has 100% greater damage than Popol's automatic attack. 
  • In Alpha Wolf Form, Kupa's attack will get better. With three quick bites, he is the only source of burst damage for this hero.

Skill 2 - Kupa, Help!

Popol can summon Kupa to protect him, get Shield equivalent to 240/270/300/330 (+ 120% extra Physical Damage) HP, bring 240/270/300/330 (+ 50% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage, to the enemy which is nearby, and presents a slow effect of 60% for 0.5 seconds. Kupa will help Popol in attacking nearby enemies for 3 seconds.

In Alpha Wolf form: Kupa returns to protect his master and Airborne's closest enemy knocks for 0.6 seconds, resulting in a 150% increase in damage.
  • As a Marksman without the ability to reposition, Kupa skills, Help! aim to protect Popol when your melee hero or Assassin's opponent approaches you. 
  • Because you cannot control Kupa as a whole, you can use this skill to pull it out of battle to save it from death or damage to your opponent. If not, you can also move away which will automatically make Kupa run back towards you.

Skill 3 - Popol 'Surprise

Popol can make the device at a predetermined location and will explode after a while when the enemy is near the trap, bring stun for 1 second, make a slow effect for 4 seconds, and reduce the opponent's movement speed by 35%.

Popol can store up to 3 traps at a time with a charge time per device for 18/16/14/12 seconds. Each trap will last up to 60 seconds and will disappear if it does not hit the enemy.
  • This is Popol and Kupa's most underrated ability and can be a differentiator between skilled and highly skilled players. Use this skill first in the middle of a team fight so that the level of success is greater. 
  • Like Selena's Abyssal Trap, this Popol Surprise can provide vision to the position of your opponent who stepped on the trap anywhere in the map. 
  • This Popol Surprise skill can be the second savior and is very useful when Kupa is successfully dropped by an opponent, where you have to save yourself. Place one trap around you while running away, or place one in front of the enemy in a chasing position. 
  • Always place a trap under the turret as a barrier to opponents who come to destroy it. 
  • Prepare a trap at one point when your team is focused on defending to prevent enemies from entering the base.

Skill 4 or Ultimate - We Are Angry!

This skill can make Popol and Kupa get increased abilities for 12 seconds. Popol and Kupa get 30% / 40% / 50% Attack Speed ​​and 15% Movement Speed. Kupa can also enter Alpha Wolf mode, restore full HP, increase his Max HP to 2000/3000/4000, Physical Damage by 35, and increase other abilities.
  • When activating the ultimate, Kupa will restore its full HP. You can maximize this by using it in the middle of a battle after Kupa has received some damage. 
  • Extra movement speed can help you to do better trade-offs and can be used to help you escape from difficult situations.

Tips and tricks

Because Popol and Kupa do not have the ability to reposition, Flicker is the best battle spell to use, especially when you are just starting to play this hero.

By building heroes wisely, you will benefit from attack speed which increases your chances of getting the best attack from Popol. The core items for this hero are the Demon Hunter Sword, Windtalker, and Wind of Nature.

While in terms of Emblems, Marksman is the best choice because you can run Weakness Finder or Electro Flash which can increase attack speed, slow down the speed of your opponent's movements, or increase the speed of your own movements.

Finally, remember to treat Kupa well. Treat Kupa as your personal personal support. He can also become a Tank, including for dropping Lord, so you can use Kupa to avoid large damage.