List of Location the Vending Machine Energy Drink on Miramar - PUBG Mobile

In early May 2020, PUBG Mobile received a new update that brought Season 13 and lots of new things, especially in the Miramar map. One of them is a vending machine.

Through the latest PUBG Mobile update, you can now get an energy drink just by visiting the vending machines that are scattered on the Miramar map for each game. However, the number of HP restorer drinks in the machine is limited or the alias can run out.

Although you can still get it the way you normally would, which is to find and collect it in various locations randomly, the presence of this vending machine can make it easier for you to increase your supply of energy drinks, especially if you are in an area where the machine is located.

List of Location the Vending Machine Energy Drink on Miramar - PUBG Mobile

Yes, the existence of a vending machine in the Miramar map is permanent or does not move. At every game, this engine will always be present in the same five locations. Here's the list:
  • The arena at Pecado 
  • L-Building around Pecado 
  • Restaurants in San Martin 
  • The office in Los Leones 
  • One small compound in El Ajahar

This certainly makes it easier for you to be able to get a lot of energy drinks in order to survive in the game. Moreover, this machine can remove up to eight cans of energy drink at a time.

But you also have to remember that this can also invite the enemy to come to the same place or set a trap by the opponent to kill anyone who comes close to the machine.