LifeAfter Update Blazing Frontline

Today, LifeAfter performing an update from May. 14 16:50 to May.14 17:30 (PST). During this time, all player will not be able to log in. The duration of the maintenance estimated and may be extended due to technical issues.

LifeAfter Update Blazing Frontline

Let's see what's new in this update.

Blazing Frontline

  • Earthquakes, abnormal temperature rises, food and resource shortages, and a new type of Infected have emerged all across the land. The Commerce Bureau and Scientia have both launched an investigation into these strange phenomena. You can help Scientia experts search for evidence, or assist the Commerce Bureau team leader in wiping out the new Infected... No one knows what will happen next, but every person needs to make a decision. The decisions you make will shape the future. 
  • The story of each stage has two routes. Each route has its own Stage Affairs. You can progress the story down a specific route by completing the Stage Affairs of that route. The next stage's story will be determined by which route first reaches 100%. All servers have shared route progress and will work together to decide the story. 
  • Participate in Blazing Frontline game modes to obtain Red-Hot Copper Coins, which can be exchanged for various rare resources in the Supply Warehouse. There's a chance of getting the Assault Howitzer Formula, Type 95 Assault Rifle Formula, Crimson Armor Formula, Premium Goggles Formula, and more. 
  • The number of Red-Hot Copper Coins you get won't be affected by which route you choose. The total amount of Red-Hot Copper Coins you can obtain from each route is the same. 
  • During the event, Personal Contribution, Camp Contribution, and Server Contribution will all be ranked based on the number of Red-Hot Copper Coins obtained. Rare rewards such as exclusive titles and All-Server Speakers will be granted to high-ranked players. The No. 1 server on the total contribution leaderboard will receive an exclusive title reward and have the news announced to all servers.

Caravan 101

  • Brand new outfit - Chef Genie has arrived in the Mall. Purchase it during Training to enjoy a limited-time discount. 
  • During the event, you can gather/kill monsters/fish in wilderness maps to get Sweetie Boxes. Up to 10Sweetie Boxes can be obtained every day.You will obtain 1 of the following at random from each Sweetie Box: Small Chocolate Cake, Multicolored Donuts, Fresh Cookie and Gumdrops.You can exchange a certain number of desserts to get Combination Rewards. Dessert items can also be obtained on the Caravan Market. 
  • During the event, players who have reached Gathering/Crafting/Combat Level 10 can visit the Camp or Hope 101 to participate in the Cook-off between 9:00 and 23:50 every day. You can participate twice per day.Prepare the specified dishes in the specified order within 60 seconds. The faster you are, the higher your score will be. If you come across a dish that you don't know how to make, you may choose to skip it. You are allowed to skip 2 dishes per challenge.You will receive score rewards each day according to your high score. Rewards and high scores are reset every day.Tian keeps records of everyone's cooking. Check out her "Crafting Records" to see records of your recent Crafting activity.The Cooking Contest Rankings will be calculated at 23:55 daily according to each player's highest score. Survivors ranking in the top 10 will receive extra rewards. 
  • During the event, you can exchange Souvenir Silver Coins for 100 New Dollars and get 1 lottery draw. Draw a ticket for a chance to obtain great rewards from the gift box.You get one free draw every day. The daily limit will be refreshed every day at 3:00. Unused free draws will expire. You will earn points for each lottery draw. When you've accumulated a certain number of points, you will receive a points reward. 
  • Sign in to get the daily reward and increase your Savings Rewards. 
  • 26 pairs of Lucky Players will be selected at midnight in Maty 20th. Each will be gifted Gold Bars*9999. The other players will receive a thank-you prize. 
  • On May 20th, lots of Cultivation Gift Boxes and Summer Gift Boxes will be dropped from the sky in Hope 101 and the Camp every evening between 19:00-21:00. There's a chance of getting a Star of the Ball Outfit Pack in addition from these boxes (only 2 per server, sent via mail). 
  • During 5.20-5.27, Purchasing gift boxes with checks during the event will grant you a chance of getting a special reward. 
  • Duo Training is now available. You can invite a friend to train with you. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Souvenir Silver Coin. Souvenir Silver Coin can be redeemed for valuable items in the Caravan Market for a limited time.

Other Content and New Rules

  • Lowered the Favorability requirement of the quests from Quintus in "Scientia's Trouble" from "Chit Chat" to "Comings and Goings." 
  • The Infected are now more diverse in their appearance. There are now more different-looking Infected in the Wilderness Maps. 
  • Optimized the game's performance when many friendly/hostile players are nearby. You can now adjust the max number of friendly/hostile players displayed in Settings > Display. 
  • Optimized the Farstar City matching rules. Survivors in the same range will be closer in terms of strength. 
  • Optimized the International Hotel and fixed the abnormal collision detections in certain walkable areas and the top floor. 
  • Fixed the icon of Dark Gray Travel Bag.

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Next update about LifeAfter Mega Update on May 28, 2020