Dragon Raja Ally System

Dragon Raja Ally System Overview

Dragon Raja Ally System

Get to know Ally system in Dragon Raja. This is a feature that you can unlock at level 30 and above. You’ll get to Recruit different NPCs as a part of your team to provide you with some boosts, and you can also Dispatch them on quests in order for you to gain EXP.

Ally Page

In order to access the Ally page, you’ll have to press the + button on the right side while on the main menu. You will then access the top left icon that says “Ally”

When this system is unlocked, you’ll get to have EVA as your first Ally. You will then be able to view all of your Allies in the first tab. This information page shows their star rating, as well as their current levels. A shortcut for Dismantling and the Pawnshop is also accessible here.

Ally Overview

When you preview a specific Ally, you’ll get to see their overview as well as their stats, skills, as well as which Ally, they bond with properly. A certain percentage of your Ally's stats will be converted to your stats as well.

You can Level Up your Ally here as well by pressing the Up Arrow on the lower left. You can level up your Allies using the following potions: Amethyst Potion, Sapphire Potion, Turquoise Potion

Here are the restrictions of your Ally level:

* When a player’s level is < 70, max ally level is 70

* When a player’s level exceeds 70, max ally level is 100* When a player’s level reaches 80, max ally level is 120

Advancing Allies

If you press the Advance button on the left side, you can increase your Ally’s current tier. This will increase their stats, as well as leveling up their skills. In order to increase your Ally tier, you will need the following items:

Item RequiredAlly TypeHow to Obtain
Flawless B-Gem          5-star, 6- star allies               Recruit, Nightwatcher, Event
Cracked B-Gem          2-star, 3-star, 4-star allies               Recruit, Nightwatcher, Event

The amount of gems that are needed to advance your tier is listed near the gem's icon on the lower right. These gems are a limited resource so make sure to increase the tier of higher star allies.

Private Items

When you access the Private tab, you’ll get to unlock private items for Allies that you’ve chosen. The items can be unlocked each time an Ally returns from a dispatch. Each dispatch mission has a chance to provide a Random Res Privitae which is a box that contains a random private item.
Unlocking private items will increase your Ally’s stats. Take note that the private item is limited so make sure to choose which Ally you want to give the item to. The more items are unlocked, the stronger your ally becomes.


Allies that you befriend during the main story can write journal entries about their daily life. The notebook is a shortcut that shows you their entries. If the Ally that you have isn’t your friend yet, you’ll have to play the main story until you encounter them and add them. This section provides you with interesting details about their life.

Gifting Allies

The Gift tab will only function on an Ally that you have befriended on the main story. Any gift items in your inventory can appear here, and you’ll be able to send them gifts. Once their friendship level is high, they’ll be able to gift you items as well.


The voice section lets you listen to their voice lines. Some may be locked but you’ll get to unlock them as you increase your friendship with them. You can view chat lines or plot voice lines in this section.