Benedetta, New Assassin's Mobile Legends

Benedetta, the new assassin who will enliven Mobile Legends

Benedetta, New Assassin's Mobile Legends

It has become common when Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang releases new heroes almost every month.

Moonton is indeed very active in showing new OP heroes. Even pool heroes in the pro scene are believed to be increasingly numerous because some of the old heroes will be revamped.

Apart from that innovation will be shown new heroes. Seen from the new hero that will be released two or three months.

Through the Mobile Legends leak account, Dafrixkun and the Hororo Chan channel, a new hero who will emerge after Yu Zhong, is a female assassin by the name of Benedetta.

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Like assassins in general, the use of Benedetta can also be considered complicated and fast-handed players who feel more comfortable using it.

Benedetta's Skill 1, Shadow Slash, is Benedetta making an attack towards the opponent and the damage comes through her shadow shortly after she attacks. So that the damage becomes double.

An Eye for An Eye, which became skill two, became a skill where Benedetta dashed with damage, at the same time she was also immune and could escape from enemy crowd control. At the same time this skill can also be used to escape.

Ultimate Benedetta which is quite special. Alecto is when the hero makes a pretty long dash, then this dash produces an abandoned area where a fraction of a second later the shadow gives sword cuts with super large damage.

Another interesting thing is pasif skill from Benedetta. He became the first hero after Kimmy with a unique basic attack. When the basic attack button is held, there will be a fully loaded sword symbol and when releasing it there will be damage from the dash in full. But when the button is pressed normally, even normal attacks are seen.