Balmond, Forgotten Hero

After all this time being forgotten, Balmond finally gets a buff

Balmond, Forgotten Hero

All Mobile Legends enthusiasts: Bang Bang certainly knows Balmond. One of the heroes that is obtained for free when you start playing this game.

Even so, Balmond might only be seen in the competitive scene early in the game's release. The reason is not many offlaner options at that time.

But now, nothing. No one even used to glance at Balmond, whether ranked especially let alone competitive.

Plus the hero fighters for today's offlaners are so diverse with very special abilities. What Balmond has is not comparable.

However, an interesting news finally emerged. After all this time being forgotten, Moonton will finally do a buff to Balmond. This will happen in the next update MLBB.

The two main skills namely Cyclone Sweep and Ultimate Lethal Counter get quite significant changes.

When the enemy gets damage from Cyclone sweep, they will get an increase in damage up to 25 percent continuously up to 100 percent. This will be very annoying and can even be difficult for the enemy.

As for the matter of lethal counter, which is the ultimate where Balmond "rubs" the opponent with his hammer, the damage is now adjusted to 300-500. Physical attack bonus also reaches 100 percent.

Not only Balmond, old heroes like Johnson and Ruby also got buffs which certainly could make these heroes compete in meta now.