What is Invitation Code in Dragon Raja

Invitation Code in Dragon Raja

Invitation code lets you send them to other players in order to recruit them. The code that you give out can be placed in the character creation screen, and you'll gain rewards when the person that you have invited has reached level 60. You can claim rewards from recruits up to a total of 10 times.

Where do I find my Invite Code?

If you want to recruit friends, you will have to reach level 30 and above. Once you have reached this level requirement, click the Bonus button that's on top of your screen.

From the left hand menu, scroll down until you find the "Recruit Friends" tab. You should find your code on that page beside "My Code". This is the place as well for you to get your rewards.

How do I use the Invite Code?

If you are a new player with an Invite Code, you can input your code when creating your first character. The invite code redemption can be seen on the lower left side, beside the return button.

What are the rewards I get from inviting others?

If people use your Invite Code, they need to reach level 60 with their character first. Once that is done, you will get the following reward:

  • 5 Sapphire Potion, 
  • 50,000 Gold, 
  • 3 Ex Catalyst β, 
  • 3 Lv. 5 Elemental Gem, 
  • 2 Secret Command, 
  • 3 100 Diamond, 
  • 1 500 Diamond

You can only claim this gift up to 10 times.

Diamond Rebate:

If the invitee recharges more than 1000 coupons within 30 days, the inviter can get 5% Diamond rebate of the recharged amount, and each invitee can give a rebate of 1000 Diamonds to the inviter at most. You can get up to 200 diamonds per day, the excess part will be reserved, and you can continue to get them after a day.

Note: Once you have created a character before, you cannot redeem invite Codes. Invite codes can only be use on accounts that have 0 characters created yet. The redemption is available for your first new character only.