How to Taming pet, Food Recipe and Map Location Pet Utopia: Origin

Complete pet taming guide, pet food recipes and pet location map

We will explain various kinds of pet / monster / utopia origin companion so that it can be captured easily. Therefore, see the conditions for getting a Utopia origin pet in this article.

1. Taming warbear snow king utopia origin

warbear snow king can only be captured when level 45 foodstuff to catch warbear snow king is High-quality honey (rare) + meat package.

Skill that has a snow king warbear

Provoking animals or monsters to make them more attractive to enemies is suitable if you still need diversion to defeat powerful monsters.

The location of the Mount Snow warbear snow king.

2. Taming young shark utopia origin

how to tame young shark by using 25 pack high quality meat (rare) + raw lamb chops + geoduck.

young shark is a type of water pet that you can use to explore water quickly.

The skill that young sharks have

Water speed 7500 ~ 8200, Water sprint 15500 ~ 16500, Load 25.

The location of young shark at the sea

3. Taming jacked rabbit utopia origin

Jacked rabbits can only be caught when level 45 food ingredients for catching jacked rabbits are Carrot bag + milk + rare meat.

Skills that have jacked rabbit

speed against jacked rabbit monsters is a type of speed.

Jacked rabbit Mountain location.

4. yellow sabertoot

Yellow Sabertoot can only be caught when level 40 food ingredients to catch Yellow Sabertoot is 13 pack Crayfish + Raw Steak + Rare Meat

Skill that has yellow sabertoot

have Speed ​​7500, Load 23 kg Swipe -> ready to attack its enemies

Location of yellow sabertoot in the volcano and silver moon hills

5. Fire Sabertoot

Fire sabertoot can only be captured when level 45 foodstuffs to catch Fire Sabertoot are Feed Large scallop bag + quality meat + rare meat (16 packs).

Skill that Fire Sabertoot has

has a Speed of 7500 ~ 8000, Load 30kg. Swipe: ready to attack its enemies

Fire Sabertoot location in Lalu volcano